German is linguistically similar to English and, therefore, relatively easy for an English speaker to learn. One American in four is of German ancestry, making it by far the largest ethnic group in America (57.9 million). German is the language of 110 million native speakers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is by far the most widely spoken language in Western Europe. Economically and scientifically, German ranks among the three most important world languages.

The contributions of the German-speaking countries to Western culture have been tremendous with the accomplishments of the great German-speaking artists, philosophers, musicians, athletes, writers and scientists including: Goethe, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Einstein, Freud, and today, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Why Study German?

German is essential for students interested in Philosophy, the Natural Sciences, Economics, History, Music and the Fine Arts. Learn German and get to know the new unified Germany as well as historic Austria and beautiful Switzerland.


Subject & Number Title Units
German 120 Introductory German I 5
German 121 Introductory German II 5
German 220 Intermediate German III 5
German 221 Advanced German IV 5
German 250/251 Conversational German I & II 3
German 196 A/B/C/D Community Service Learning Experience (CSLE) 1
German 199 Special Studies/Projects 1-3
German 299 Selected Topics 1-5