Students attending Grossmont College are required to participate in assessment. The primary goal of assessing Math readiness is to determine an appropriate Math start level with the knowledge that students will be reasonably prepared. 


Students will be required to answer a short Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) to determine appropriate placement. Students seeking a degree or certificate should receive a placement that is consistent with their previous preparation that also aligns with their educational goals.


Assessment Questionnaire (AQ)

Instead of relying solely on placement exam scores, the passage of AB 705 requires the community college to use the following performance data to determine course preparedness:


  • high school transcripts
  • overall GPA
  • courses taken
  • course grades

Students without transcript data are required to complete an Assessment Questionnaire (AQ) and will receive placement results based on their answers.  The questions students must answer pertain to high school GPA, courses taken and grades. 


If possible, we recommend students refer to their high school transcript to answer the questions accurately because the questionnaire can only be taken once.


  • If you have already taken placement tests for Math, you may now be eligible to enroll directly in certain transfer-level courses, regardless of where you had been placed

  • If you are currently enrolled in basic skills or developmental courses you may now be eligible to take certain transfer-level courses under the new law

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If you have questions about choosing the best Math course for your educational goal, please see your counselor for assistance.


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