Course Descriptions

Health Education 101 - Weight Control and Eating Disorders: This course explores the determinants of weight gain, loss and maintenance including food intake, energy expenditure, genetics, social pressures and psychological factors. Weight loss plans will be examined with thought to effectiveness, safety and nutritional adequacy. Eating disorders including compulsive eating, bulimia and anorexia nervosa will be examined and treatments will be compared. Transfers to CSU.

Health Education 105 - Health Education for Teachers: This course is designed for multiple of single subject teaching candidates and provides introductory knowledge of broad health-related issues that are relevant to the K-12 curriculum. This course is designed to meet the state of California health education requirement for the K-12 teaching credential. Transfers to CSU.


Health Education 120 - Personal Health and Lifestyles: A course emphasizing the information required to make important decisions concerning lifestyle and total health. An examination of stress, drugs, major diseases, nutrition, weight control, sexuality, aging, environmental issues and other topics related to health and fitness. A practical approach to understanding. A challenge to the student to assume responsibility for, and take charge of, his/her own health and well-being. Satisfies GE for Grossmont College and CSU. Transfers to CSU and UC (credit limited.)


Health Education 155 - Realities of Nutrition: An introduction to the basic principles of nutrition and their relationship to good health. Evaluation of current nutritional information (and misinformation) with emphasis on critical thinking to determine optimal dietary choices. Study of the major dietary goals and guidelines. Examination of weight maintenance techniques, eating disorders, food labeling, food safety and special needs at various stages in the lifecycle. Satisfies General Education for CSU. Transfers to CSU.


Health Education 158 - Nutrition for Athletes: A course investigating the effects of nutrition and various dietary regimens on athletic performance. Discussions of current "fad" and supposed performance enhancing diets and supplements will be addressed. Required for the Associate of Science degree in Exercise Science and Wellness. Transfers to CSU.


Health Education 201- Introduction to Public Health: The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the environmental, biological and socio-cultural determinants of public health. Satisfies GE for Grossmont College and CSU. Transfers to CSU and UC (credit limited.)


Health Education 255- Science of Nutrition: This course will establish the relationship between foods and science through the study and integration of chemistry, biology and nutrition science. (PREREQUISITES: A "C" or "pass" grade or higher in Biology 120 AND Chemistry 115 or 120 or equivalent.) Transfers to CSU


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