Certificate Program for Fitness Specialist

The Exercise Science and Wellness Department, offers a Fitness Specialist certificate of proficiency. This is designed to be a 1 year program with sequenced courses which prepare students to successfully pass national fitness certification exams as well as work in the fitness industry.

The courses for the Fitness Specialist certificate are different than those required to prepare for transfer to 4-year institutions in the field of Exercise Science or Kinesiology, and is intended as more of a "vocational" preparation than a step toward a degree. If you are interested in transferring to a university to pursue a degree, you may wish to consider the Associate of Science degree offered, which specifically prepares you for transfer.

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Fitness Specialist- Certificate of Proficiency Requirements


  • Students must complete ES 291 and ES 292 (offered only in the Fall semester) before taking ES 293 and ES 294 (offered only in the Spring semester.)
  • HED 155 and ES 255 can be taken at any time during the program.
  • All the above courses must be completed prior to taking ES 296 and ES 297 which must be be taken together during the summer semester.

Subject & Number

Course Title


ES 291(offered
in Fall only)

Anatomy and Kinesiology for Fitness Specialists


ES 292(offered
in Fall only)

Exercise Physiology for Fitness Specialists



ES 293(offered in Spring only)

Strength Training/Fitness Assessments for Fitness Specialists


ES 294(offered in Spring only)

Exercise Program Design and Special Populations



HED 158(offered Fall and Spring)

Nutrition for Athletes


ES 255 (offered Fall and Spring)

Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries



ES 296(offered Summer only)

Internship Seminar for Fitness Specialists


ES 297(offered Summer only)

Community Service Learning for Fitness Specialists



Total Units:





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