Dance Department


Program Description

The Dance Department offers courses in dance technique, performance, body modalities, and dance appreciation, all of which are designed for the dance student, the liberal arts student, as well as any other student seeking personal enrichment. Students may complete an A.A. degree as well as a certificate in dance. Students who earn an A.A. degree in dance may transfer to a university to continue their dance education, as many of the courses offered transfer to the University of California and California State University systems, as well private universities.


Master classes are offered to Grossmont College students and the community at large. Instructors are selected based on their expertise and mastery of the genre. Class offerings have included ballet, jazz, modern, tap, musical theater, ballroom, African, flamenco, and yoga for dancers.


Performance opportunities are available for beginning to advanced dancers. The department produces two dance concerts a year. In addition, students are encouraged to audition for musical productions and events produced by the Music Department. Grossmont College dance students are also active in department-sponsored outreach events.


The Dance Department offers courses in pedagogy (Dance 121,122, 123), which are linked to advanced technique and Pilates courses and focus on the analysis of movement, fluid class structure, body mechanics, and progressions to choreographed center floor patterns. Many students secure teaching positions at studios, parks and recreation programs, as well as the possibility of opening their own studio.


The Dance History course (Dance 110) meets the General Education requirement for Fine Arts in General Education and satisfies the undergraduate history requirement for the dance major (A.A. degree recipients and transfer students). All dance technique, Pilates, and Stretch and Alignment courses meet the Area E Physical Education requirement for the associate’s degree at Grossmont College.