Program Outcomes


Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:


  1. Demonstrate interpersonal skills to communicate and collaborate with teams and management.
  2. Develop cybersecurity skills leading to an entry-level position that specializes in information technology positions.
  3. Utilize networking hardware and operating systems software to implement secure infrastructure.
  4. Work with the latest networking hardware and operating system software, leading to industry-recognized certifications.
  5. Use essential skills to plan, implement, administer, support, and secure network computer systems and associated users.
  6. Configure routers and switches in multiprotocol internetworks using LAN and WAN interfaces, applying best practices to secure network resources.
  7. Complete network design, installation, maintenance, and management as well as fill network administration and systems administration job duties.

In addition to the program outcomes, students will meet the following Grossmont College General Education (GEM) Requirements:  English Composition, Oral Communications, Critical Thinking, and Mathematics


Associates Degree: Cybersecurity and Networking


An area of emphasis leading to an entry level position which specializes in networking and cyber defense. Students completing this sequence will be expected to assist network managers and cybersecurity managers in small, medium, and large-sized organizations.


Note: All courses must be completed with a letter grade "C" or higher.


Subject & Number



CSIS 113

Introduction to Linux           


CSIS 121

Introduction to Cybersecurity


CSIS 125

Network + Certification


CSIS 250

Introduction to Python Programming


CSIS 263

Security + Certification








Note: Select at least NINE (9) units in any of the following courses:

Subject & Number



Business 128

Business Communication


CSIS 110

Principles of Information Systems


CSIS 120

Computer Maintenance and A+ Certification


CSIS 130

Windows Server: Installing & Configuring


CSIS 145

Introduction to TCP/IP


CSIS 213

Linux System Administration


CSIS 230

Windows Server: Administering


CSIS 264

Ethical Cybersecurity Hacking


CSIS 265

 Computer Forensics Fundamentals







Total Required



Plus General Education and Elective Requirements



Certificate of Achievement

Any student who chooses to complete only the courses required for the above major qualifies for a Certificate of Achievement in Cybersecurity and Networking. An official request must be filed with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.


Click below to download the Handout:

Cybersecurity and Networking


Certificate of Proficiency

Certificates of Proficiency are designed for the student who needs to be prepared to enter an entry-level job. A department-issued certificate may be awarded upon successful completion of a prescribed course of study. This certificate will not appear on a student’s transcript.


Cybersecurity and Network Technician 

This certificate prepares a student with the basic skills to enter a position in industry as a Cybersecurity and Network Technician.  The skills to be gained with this certificate include familiarity with the Linux operating system, computer networks, network security, and ethical hacking or computer forensics. 


Subject & Number Title Units
 CSIS 113 Introduction to Linux  3
 CSIS 121 Introduction to Cybersecurity   3
 CSIS 125 Network + Certification 3
CSIS 263 Security + Certification   3
  Total 12


Contact Information:

Dept. Chair Hau Nguyen