COUN 110 - Career Decision Making

1 unit, 1 hour lecture


The utilization of a group seminar structure to explore individual interests, values, personality traits, and psychological needs and relate these characteristics to vocational aspirations in our changing world. Participants will be given a chance to learn how to write a job resume, complete job applications, and interview for jobs. This course is offered on a Credit/No Credit basis only.
Transfers to CSU


COUN 120 - College and Career Success

3 units, 3 hours lecture


Learn how to be successful in college by improving study skills such as textbook reading and marking, note-taking, listening to lectures, managing time, studying for tests and improving memory. Additional success topics include exploring motivation and attitudes, managing stress, developing creativity, improving communications and relationships, and maintaining interests, aptitudes and personal strengths in order to plan your education and a successful career. Topics from developmental psychology, learning theory and personality theory will be presented as a foundation for the course.
Transfers to CSU.


COUN 130 - Study Skills and Time Management

1 unit, 1 hour lecture


To prepare students to adjust to the academic community by learning to study effectively in given time limitations. Class emphasizes time management, textbook mastery, research skills, goal-setting, note-taking, and stress reduction. This course is offered on a Credit/No Credit basis only.