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Chemistry Department


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Full-time Faculty


Name Title Phone Email Office
Joshi, Hima, Ph.D. Instructor of Chemistry 619-644-7245 hima.joshi@gcccd.edu 30-226
Kelly, Michael, Ph.D.  Instructor of Chemistry    Michael.Kelly2@gcccd.edu
Larter, Martin Assistant Professor of Chemistry 619-644-7346 martin.larter@gcccd.edu 30-220
Lehman, Jeff Professor of Chemistry 619-644-7341 jeff.lehman@gcccd.edu 30-218
Olmstead, Thomas, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry 619-644-7483 tom.olmstead@gcccd.edu 30-228
Vance, Diana Assistant Professor of Chemistry 619-644-7047 diana.vance@gcccd.edu 30-216



Adjunct Faculty


Name Title Email Office
Alshykhly, Omar, Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry  omar.alshykhly@gcccd.edu  
Butland, Karen Adjunct Professor, Chemistry karen.butland@gcccd.edu  
Czworkowski, John, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry john.czworkowski@gcccd.edu 30-220
Dunn, Sarah, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry sarah.dunn@gcccd.edu  
Estrada, Alexander, Ph.D.  Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry  alexander.estrada@gcccd.edu
Ewig, Carl, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor, Science carl.ewig@gcccd.edu 30-220
Hamaoka, Brent, Ph.D.
Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry brent.hamaoka@gcccd.edu 30-220
Goodman, Mark Professor, Geography, Science  mark.goodman@gcccd.edu 100-108
Mitchell, Kristina, Ph.D
Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry
Paulsen, Heike Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry heike.paulsen@gcccd.edu  
Stanfield, Jessica Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry, Science jessica.stanfield@gcccd.edu 30-224
Valder, Carolina
Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry
Zajac, Ewa Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry, Science ewa.zajac@gcccd.edu 30-228





Name Title Phone Email Office
Bertin, Juliana
Technician II, Chemistry
Crume, Theresa Technician II, Chemistry 619-644-7818 theresa.crume@gcccd.edu 30-232
Sotelo-New, Irma
Technician III, Chemistry
619-644-7339 irma.sotelonew@gcccd.edu 30-232
Stockroom, Chemistry   619-644-7339    



Former Technicians


Name Title
Bardack, Joyce Technician, Chemistry
Ash, Barbara Technician, Chemistry 
Lawson,  Marienikki Technician, Chemistry 
Anderson, Karl Technician, Chemistry 
Sindewald, Ryan
Technician, Chemistry
Oertling, Lisa
Technician, Chemistry Senior



Retired and Emeritus Faculty
 Emeritus Faculty


Name Start Date Retirement Date

Bornhorst, William R.

Emeritus Professor 

09/08/1970 01/01/2001

Givens, William G., Ph.D.

"Bill" Givens 

Emeritus Professor 

09/06/1966 06/03/1998

Holleran, John M.

"Jack" Holleran

Emeritus Professor 

09/01/1962 06/07/1989

Maley, John R., Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor 

09/02/1971 06/04/2003

Park, Charles David

"Chuck" Park 

Emeritus Professor 

09/10/1968 06/02/1999



Retired Faculty


Name Start Date Retirement Date

George, Judy

Professor of Chemistry


Oakes, John Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry and Science 

08/14/2000 06/14/2018

Willard, Cary Ph.D. 

Professor of Chemistry 

08/16/1993 11/14/2020



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