Jeff Lehman

Professor of Chemistry


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Phone: 619-644-7341
Office: Bldg. 30, Room 218
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CHEM 110  Environmental Chemistry

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CHEM 113  Forensic Chemistry

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CHEM 115  Fundamentals of Chemistry

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CHEM 141  General Chemistry I

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CHEM 142  General Chemistry II

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Professional Interests

While only an itinerant researcher, my past research interests lie in computational physical chemistry, where I enjoy the study of chemical bonding. Computational chemistry applies the principles of Quantum Mechanics to solve chemical system-sized problems. Calculations are usually performed on large computer workstations with some taking several days to complete. Computational Chemistry is one of the fastest growing fields in chemistry. Now chemists can estimate the stability of compounds as well as reaction pathways before they enter the laboratory allowing for more efficient use of resources.



Prior to teaching I worked in a number of chemistry related jobs. The most interesting were my stint as a chemist at a hazardous waste removal firm and as a research assistant at the radiocarbon dating laboratory at the University of California, Riverside. I began my teaching career teaching 7th-9th grade science in 1990. After taking a leave of absence I began teaching at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, where I greatly enjoyed the college level. In June of '96 I joined the Chemistry faculty here at Grossmont.


Other Interests

I currently serve on the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Cave & Technical Rescue Team. We are a CA OES Type I wilderness search and rescue team, Technical Rope, and Type 2 cave rescue team. We specialize in confined space, high-angle technical rescue. We are a full member of the Mountain Rescue Association. You can find out more about San Bernardino County search and rescue at www.sbsar.org.


I also serve with the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) on DMAT CA-4 where I am a Telecommunications Specialist.


Until moving to the San Diego area, I worked with Riverside County Fire as the County Training Officer for the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES). Our job was to provide communications support for large wildland fires or other disaster relief related activities.


Related to the above, I enjoy amateur radio (ham radio) where I especially like VHF/UHF contesting and propagation studies. Also, just about any outdoor activity that includes a trip to the desert is great fun.


Selected Publications and Presentations

William H. Orttung, Christina Sun, Joseph Kim, Jeffrey J. Lehman, and Larissa Kalif, "Hydrogen Bonding Solutions: Partial Molar Volumes and Optical Susceptibilities for Water, Ethanol, and Methanol in 1,4-Dioxane" ; Journal of Physical Chemistry May 20, 1993, V97, N20.


Jeffrey J. Lehman and Elisheva Goldstein, " A Comprehensive Basis Set Study of ClF3 and Selected Isomers", poster presented at The American Conference on Theoretical Chemistry, Rochester, New York, July, 1993.


Jeffrey J. Lehman and Elisheva Goldstein, " The Potential Energy Surface of ClF3", The Journal of Chemical Education, November 1996.


Jeffrey J. Lehman, " Height Really Does Matter", QST, Volume 81, Number 8, August 1997.


Jeff Lehman, "Multimedia on $2.00 per Day", presentation at the League for Innovation in the Community College Conference, Chicago, IL 1999.


Jeff Lehman, "Enhancing Science Curricula Using Easily Learned, Low-Cost Multimedia Tools", A Collection of Practices, League for the Innovation in the Community College, Edited by Edward J. Leach, 2000


Dale F. Shellhamer*, David C. Gleason, G. Gawayne Vaughan, Andrew J. Ryan, Peter K. Titterington I, Victor L. Heasley, and Jeffrey J. Lehman, "Comparison of the Electrophilic and Free-Radical Addition of Halogens with Hexafluoro-1,3-butadiene and 1,3-Butadiene" Journal of Fluorine Chemistry submitted and accepted for publication 2003.


Jeff Lehman, "APRS Use in Search and Rescue", QST, September and October 2003.


Dale F. Shellhamer,* David C. Gleason, Sean J. Rodriguez, Victor L. Heasley,a Jerry A. Boatz and Jeffrey J. Lehman, "Correlation of calculated halonium ion structures with product distributions from fluorine substituted terminal alkenes", Tetrahedron, October 2006