History 126 - History of Mexico


Satisfies: Grossmont, CSU and UC General Education Requirement


Just a few of the topics the course covers:


  • Pre Columbian Mexico: Olmec, Aztec, Maya
  • Colonial Legacies: the Native, European and African formation of Mexico
  • Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, “La Malinche”, Soldaderas, and gender relations in Mexico
  • The Hidalgo Revolt and Mexican Independence
  • Porfirio Diaz and the Integration of Mexico to the World Economy
  • Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution
  • Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, the PRI, and the making of Modern Mexico
  • Oil, narcotrafficking, corruption and Politics
  • Neo-Liberalism, NAFTA and the Zapatista Uprising
  • The IMF, the WTO, “The Tequila Effect” and Globalization
  • Comic books, masked wrestlers, masked guerrillas and social change

Offered Every Spring M,W 9:30 am