History 115 - History of the Modern Americas


Satisfies: Grossmont, CSU and UC General Education Requirement; also fulfills the American Institutions Requirement.


Sample topics the course covers: This flier has more.


  • Colonial Legacies: the Native, European and African formation of the Americas
  • The U.S. and Latin America in the modern era
  • Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa and The Mexican Revolution
  • Bananas, Chiquita and Gunboats: the US and Latin America in the Age of Empires and during the Cold War
  • Castro, “Che” Guevara and Latin American responses to U.S. hegemony
  • Brokers, Bullets and CNN: the Zapatistas Rebel Against NAFTA
  • The IMF, the WTO, the Battle of Seattle and the resistance to Globalization
  • Latin America and the US in the 21st Century

Offered every semester M,W and T,Th mornings; Online; as well as Summers




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