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Dean, Career & Technical Education
& Workforce Development

Email:  javier.ayala@gcccd.edu
Phone:  619-644-7158


Janice Fischer 
Administrative Assist III

Email:  Janice_Fischer@gcccd.edu
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Career Education Programs


Your Career is Here!

High-wage, high-skill jobs currently have the highest need for employees in our nation and Grossmont College is ready and waiting to train students of all ages for those jobs. Best of all, this training often takes just one to two years of study, and always costs less than studies at a four-year or private college or university.


Grossmont College's award-winning career programs are designed to prepare you to start your career, advance in your career, or build skills to increase your earning power.



For more information, contact the coordinator or chair of a program that interests you, who can help you with your pathway.


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Administration of Justice



If you want to make a difference in the world by becoming a correctional officer, you must complete training at a corrections academy. The corrections academy at Grossmont College, a leader in the field, is offered every other year.


Forensic Technology

The Forensic Technology program is the choice for those who want to get involved with the collection, preservation and analysis of crime scene evidence or latent fingerprint analysis. Some graduates become fingerprint examiners, while others opt to continue their education to become a criminalist, or forensic scientist.


Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement program will help prepare you to become a peace officer at the local, county, state, or federal level. The courses in the certificate and degree program are taught by seasoned law enforcement professionals who bring real-world experience to the classroom.


Security Management

The Security Management program leaders to a certificate or associate degree and is designed to prepare you for entry-level management positions in loss prevention, risk management and asset protection. In addition, a 48-hour Security Academy is offered every spring for entry-level security officers.


More Information
  • Visit the AOJ website
  • Contact the program coordinator

Administration of Justice

Kelly Menck

Email: kelly.menck@gcccd.edu

Phone: 619-644-7321



Business Administration

Business Administration

The Business Administration department offers a variety of programs designed to prepare you for a career in business.


The business marketing program will prepare you for positions as a retail manager, purchasing agent, and more. The business management program provides you with the skills to become a successful manager in any organization.


The International Business program is designed to prepare you with the background to work in a business involved in international trade, or to those planning to work in an import/export business or to live and work in another country.


The Hospitality and Tourism Management program will provide you with a solid background on basic business principles and their applicability to the hospitality and tourism industry.


More Information

Business Administration

Brian Keliher

Email: brian.keliher@gcccd.edu

Phone: 619-644-7520


Business Office Technology


Business Office Technology - BOT

Our Business Office Technology program will set you up for employment and advancement in today’s technology-intense offices. Besides training you for traditional office skills, the Business Office Technology program at Grossmont College will help you become proficient in using computer software to perform a variety of essential administrative functions. Courses run the gamut from Business Office Correspondence and Office Professionalism to Comprehensive PowerPoint and Microsoft Publisher. Graduates of our program are working with management in all types of business environments around the region.


More information:

Business Office Technology


Lynn Keane

Email: lynn.keane@gcccd.edu

Phone: 619-644-7867


Sosha Thomas

Email: shosa.thomas@gcccd.edu

Phone: 619-644-7816


Donna Dixon

Email: donna.dixon@gcccd.edu

Phone: 619-644-7533 

Child Development, Education, Family Studies  


Child Development / Family Studies

Our Child Development and Family Studies program offers the opportunity to learn about developmentally appropriate education and services for young children. It emphasizes curriculum planning for children from infancy through school age, guidance techniques, special needs of children and families, creative learning, health and safety education, current issues in the field, and administration of child development programs and more. Many students work at our on-campus Child Development Center, a model training site for the California Department of Education Program for infant toddler caregivers. Our courses are perfect for early childhood teachers, aides, and administrators, childcare professionals of all kinds, parents, nurses, or anyone else interacting with young children.


More information:

Child Development

Robin Sepulveda

Email: robin.sepulveda@gcccd.edu

Phone: 619-644-7803


Computer Science and Information Systems  


Computer Programming

Computer programming blends fundamental theory with practical applications in business, scientific and academic computing. Computer programming is intended for the student who plans to gain entry-level employment as a systems programmer.


Local-Area Network Support Specialist

LAN Support Specialist leads to an entry-level position specializing in the planning, installation, development, operation and maintenance of local area networks. Students completing this sequence will be trained to assist LAN managers in large and medium-sized organizations, or as the sole LAN manager in a smaller firm.


Video Game Development

Video game development courses will introduce you to the possibilities of an exciting career. You will be introduced to basic 3D game animation and 3D game object creation; learn the historical, social and psychological aspects of gaming; and learn the theory and practice of computer game design and development.


Web Design

Web Design will prepare you for entry-level positions creating websites. You will gain practical experience using state-of-the-art software in programming and web design courses.


More information:

Computer Science and Information Systems

Hau Nguyen

Email: hau.nguyen@gcccd.edu

Phone: 619-644-7485


Culinary Arts  


Culinary Arts

Grossmont College Culinary Arts classes are taught by a variety of instructors who have degrees as well as professional experience as executive chefs. The program is designed to give the basic principles as well as hands-on experience needed for careers in this field. Classes are enhanced with field trips, guest speakers, and opportunities to work with professionals in the local area.


More information:

Chef James Foran

Email:  james.foran@gcccd.edu

Phone:  619- 644-7085


Drone Technology


Drone Technology

The Drone Technology program will first provide UAS Ground School and Federal Aviation Administration 107 certification classes that students take to become licensed commercial drone pilots. The FAA 107 certification school will provide students comprehensive classroom instruction to pass the FAA 107 written test which is administered free to students.


More Information: 


Office Professional Training 


Office Professional Training - OPT

One-semester training program for office professional positions



Office Ready in One Semester!

Students complete 12-20 degree-applicable community college units of courses

Free to San Diego County residents


How it Works

The program begins with an initial assessment and a 2-week Pretraining Module.  The full-time, training program itself last 17 weeks.  Students are enrolled in 12-20 units of college credit, depending on their areas of specialization. 



Core Subjects

All students take the following courses:


  • Keyboarding
  • Office Procedures
  • Effective Job Search
  • Business English and Communication
  • Social Media for the Job seeker
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook



Students choose one of the following:


  • Accounting
    Elementary & Computerized Accounting (Quickbooks)
  • Insurance
    Introduction to Basic Insurance Principles
  • Medical Office
    Medical Terminology
  • Office Support I
    Filing & Records Management
  • Office Support II
    Filing & Records + Google Applications for Business



Available to students who complete Word, Excel and keyboarding early:

  • Microsoft Access
  • PowerPoint



Services include personal/crisis counseling and job placement assistance


More Information: 
  • Contact the BOT Lab Technician:

Candy McLaughlin
Email:  candy.mclaughlin@gcccd.edu

Phone:  619-644-7548


Management, Marketing, and International Business  


The management curriculum is designed to provide the student with the skills necessary for success as a manager in today's demanding organizational climate. The program is of benefit to the man or woman who aspires to a mid-level or higher management position in any type of organization including business, government and service organizations. Since much of the curriculum is transferable to four-year institutions, the program not only provides readily usable management skills for the two-year student, but it also provides a base for those students who later wish to undertake more advanced study in business.



Marketing consists of all the activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer. This may include market research, physical distribution, wholesaling, advertising, personal selling, and retailing. Although most jobs are in wholesale and retail trade, this broad field offers many employment opportunities. The internship experience is an important feature of the program.


International Business

The International Business program is designed to prepare students with the background and technology necessary to work in a business engaged in international trade. The curriculum is also of value to the individual who is planning to start his/her own import/export business. Internships in local international trade organizations are an important part of the program.


More Information: 
  • Contact the program coordinator:

Eva Nacasio
Email:  eva.nicasio@gcccd.edu

Phone:  619-644-7446


Supply Chain Logistics  

Supply Chain Logistics

Students will learn sufficient skills to obtain a position within the Supply Chain and Logistics industry in an entry-level position as a Logistician, Production, Planning, Expediting, or Procurement Clerk, First-line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers, or Shipping, Receiving, or Inventory Clerk.  Skills acquired for this certificate include logistics and planning, resource, business management, international business, accounting, business ethics, supply chain, scheduling, managerial, procurement, supply and demand, production, and operations.


More Information: 


Visit:  Supply Chain Logistics website
Contact:  eva.nicasio@gcccd.edu

New - Fall 2022

Work-Based Learning


Work-Based Learning

Grossmont College Work-Based Learning is a continuum of teaching-learning experiences that link classroom learning with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Students will have the opportunity to gain personal and professional growth and competitive advantage in the global workforce valuable and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths. 


More Information: 
  • Work-Based Learning Specialists:

Veronica R. Middlebrooks

Email:  veronica.middlebrooks@gcccd.edu

Pavel Consuegra
Email:  pavel.consuegra@gcccd.edu


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