Instructional Computing Services


Areas of Responsibility

  • Coordinate the development and implementation of the Grossmont College Technology Plan;

  • Triage requests for installation of faculty and lab computers, email accounts,
    software/hardware problems, and lab and networking problems (via Help Desk);

  • Maintenance of all instructional computer labs;

  • Installation of lab software & hardware;

  • Maintain inventory of computer systems, printers, & software licenses on campus;

  • Operate the Open Computer Lab, the only general use lab on campus;

  • Work in conjunction with District Information Systems to support the needs of students and faculty;

  • Work with members of the Grossmont Technology for Teaching & Learning Committee;

  • Coordinate Web page development efforts;

  • Serve as liaison between administration and faculty for computing needs;

  • Coordinate Distance Education training;

  • Provide guidance in staff development.



Eric Klein, Dean, Learning & Technology Resources ext. 7390
Michele Martens, Administrative Assistant, ext.7728
Jacob Angelo, Director of Instructional Technology
Sang Bai, ICS Facilities Supervisor, ext. 7773
Dean Baldwin, Learning Assistance Center Specialist (Open Computer Lab), ext. 7753
Andy Timm, Network Specialist, ext. 7742
John Stephens, Network Specialist, ext. 7742
James Cho, Network Specialist, ext. 7978