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American Collegiate English is Your Pathway to Grossmont College and 4-year Universities

Why study at ACE?

A San Diego English school, American Collegiate English, offers:
  • English instruction by ESL professors with Master's degrees in TESOL, Applied Linguistics, or English/TESL. 
  • Small classes -- average of 8 students
  • Small program -- prompt, individual attention from application to graduation
  • Two 14-week (fall and spring) & one 8-week (summer) sessions. See schedule.
  • Certificate upon completion of program for F1 visa students
  • Easy transfer to Grossmont College after ACE session
  • 20 hours of classes per week
  • Access to Grossmont College student services, computer labs, tutoring, health services, transfer center, career center, and library
  • Fun International Club activities to meet new friends
  • Beautiful campus 20 minutes to downtown San Diego and California beaches

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American Collegiate English (ACE) is an excellent first step to achieve a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in the U.S. 


Start at ACE, then transfer to Grossmont College, and then finish your undergraduate degree at the university of your choice.  

Grossmont College international student counselors will assist you at each step. 

Grossmont College international students regularly transfer to San Diego State University (SDSU), University of California, San Diego (UCSD), UCLA, and UC Berkeley. Grossmont College transfers more students to SDSU than any other community college. Additionally, Grossmont College is proud to be one of the top  schools for UCSD international student transfers.           


Guaranteed Admission to Grossmont College with ACE 3.0 GPA (L2, or L1 with recommendation) or GC intermediate ESL placement. 


About Grossmont College

Grossmont has about 600 international students with a total student body of 19,000. Students represent about 60 countries from all parts of the world (pre-COVID data).

  • International student counselors and international student specialists
  • Highly successful ESL Program
  • On-campus jobs for international students
  • Associate Degree and Certificate Programs

Your Options at Grossmont

  • Graduate with a Certificate
  • Graduate with an Associate Degree
  • Work via Practical training (CPT or OPT)
  • Transfer to a 4-year university

*ACE students are eligible to transfer to Grossmont College when they have completed the following at the end of an ACE session:

  1. passed the Grossmont College ESL Assessment Test  
    earned an ACE combined grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 GPA scale) for L2 students (L1 also require ACE Academic Coordinator recommendation), and
  2. maintained continued academic progress and good attendance, and
  3. completed the Grossmont College application process (ACE staff will help you). 

No TOEFL required. ACE students who meet these standards are eligible to enroll at Grossmont College without the 45 TOEFL iBT/450 Institutional TOEFL requirement. 


ACE offers two levels of instruction. Level 1 is for students with high-beginning to low-intermediate English skills. Level 2 is for students with intermediate to high-intermediate English Skills. A placement test is given on orientation day to determine each student's English proficiency level. 


ACE also welcomes students to study English for their personal enrichment only (no transfer).


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