Grossmont is excited to offer the HyFlex modality for our students that enjoy flexibility. 


What is a HyFlex Course?


A HyFlex course is taught on the same days and times, both on-campus and online. Students will have the flexibility to choose whether to attend each class in-person or online via ZOOM. The instructor teaches the class section on campus while also engaging with students online.


Some HyFlex sections may require in-person attendance for some class sessions, so be sure to check the class schedule on Self-Service.  If the teacher does require attendance on specific dates, those will be listed clearly in Self-Service.


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How do I know if a course is HyFlex?

In Self-Service you can search specifically for HyFlex courses in the “Course Type” drop-down menu. 


Look for this icon next to the course title:

hyflex icon


If the icon is there, you will know that this is a HyFlex course!

What is a Hybrid course, and are they the same thing?

Even though their names may sound similar, they are NOT the same type of course.  A Hybrid course will have some combination of scheduled in-person meetings and asynchronous online coursework. 


For example, a Hybrid course may meet once a week or once every other week on-campus in person (without a live zoom option) and then between in-person meetings be conducted online via recorded video lectures, discussion boards, etc.

What HyFlex courses are being offered in Spring 2023?
  • Modern Art
    • ART 143 section 1250
  • Essential Skills and Workplace Success
    • Business Office Technology (BOT) 086 section 8302
  • Office Systems and Procedures
    • Business Office Techology (BOT) 107 Section 8324
  • Business English and Communication
    • Business Office Technology (BOT) 110 Section 6548
  • Essential Word
    • Business Office Technology (BOT) 114 Section 6552
  • Essential Excel
    • Business Office Technology (BOT) 115 Section 6554
  • Using Microsoft Outlook
    • Business Office Technology (BOT) 151-8361
  • Financial Accounting
    • Business 120 Section 3700
  • Freshman Composition Support
    • English 20 Section 0608
    • English 20 Section 6570
  • College Composition and Reading
    • English 120 Section 0588
    • English 120 Section 0607
    • English 120 Section 6601
    • English 120 Section 7212
    • English 120 Section 7217
  • Advanced Composition: Critical Reasoning and Writing
    • English 124 Section 0457
    • English 124 Section 7252
  • Children’s Literature
    • English 203 Section 1295
  • Introduction to Kinesiology
    • Exercise Science (ES) 250 Section 1847
  • Principles of the Humanities
    • Humanities 110 Section 1834
  • Humanities of the Americas
    • Humanities 140 Section 9814
  • Great Music Listening
    • Music 110 Section 8102
  • Asian and Pacific Philosophies
    • Philosophy 120 Section 1273
  • Logic
    • Philosophy 130 Section 3969
  • Introduction to Middle East Government and Politics
    • Political Science 147 Section 1132
  • World Religions
    • Religious Studies 120 Section 1695
  • Introduction to Scientific Thought
    • Science 110 Section 8477

Check Self-Service to find out the specific days/times for these classes.  Be sure to click “HyFlex” in the “Course Type” drop-down menu at the bottom of the page!

What are students saying about HyFlex at Grossmont College?

“This course has been helpful for me as a first-time college student to be able to navigate and manage my courses.”


“My medical conditions make hard to predict how will I feel during the day, and I prefer to take as much online classes as possible, and only attend in-person classes if there is no other option available”


“I sometimes like to go in person, but it can also be very draining mentally for me to go so I love having the option to go in person or to stay online. Plus, I get sick somewhat frequently and being able to not miss class and miss out on knowledge, points and due dates while sick has helped me *a l o t*. I wish more classes were hyflex.”


“I live to far away to attend in person so joining on zoom is very helpful”

Is a HyFlex course considered an "in-person" class or an "online" class?

This is a difficult question because the idea of the HyFlex class is that it’s both!  Students have the flexibility to choose whether to attend the class online or in-person.  Different organizations, however, have classified these courses as either “in-person” and “online.” 


*If you are a student who needs to take “in-person” courses – to receive federal VA benefits, to maintain your visa/immigration status as an International student, to qualify to transfer to a particular university or be eligible for a particular loan, you should speak to your counselor before registering for a HyFlex course.