Club Constitution

This Constitution is effective FEB 2014. 


Grossmont College International Club Constitution


FEB 2014 
Article IV: Officers, Section 6
Changed as follows:


Officer nominations and elections shall be held between MARCH 1st and APRIL 30th of each year via a simple plurality vote of participating members. Newly elected officers shall take office following the spring semester. The interim period (from the election time through the end of the spring semester) shall be a transition period, during which time outgoing officers shall familiarize, update, and provide relevant training assistance to the newly elected officers. The term of office shall be one year (or longer if re-elected), or until an individual officer leaves Grossmont College or resigns their post, whichever comes first.

OCT 2013
Article IV: Officers, Section 8
Changes to include:

  • An officer who is absent for ¼ of the scheduled semester meetings for which he/she is an officer will automatically forfeit his/her position as club officer.

MAR 2013
Article IV: Officers, Section 2 (Webmaster)
Changes to include:

Web Master
The duties of the Web Master shall include:
  1. Maintaining and updating the International Club website / social media sites (such as Facebook and / or Twitter) to accurately reflect club news.
  2. Gathering relevant and appropriate photos and other media and posting them in a timely manner onto the club’s social media sites and website.
  3. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date club officer profiles (including biographies and photos).
  4. Working with a second club officer or advisor to select appropriate media for posting online.


MAR 2012
Article IV: Officers, Section 5
Amended to include:

In addition, President and Vice President nominees must have attended a minimum of three International Club events to be eligible for these positions.

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