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General Election Information 

Join the ASGC and Discover the Rewards!


Thank you for your interest in the Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC). Your participation could likely be the most incredible involvement opportunity, as well as beneficial to your personal growth while  enhancing student life at Grossmont College. 


The commitment is well worth it! You will gain insight to the inner-workings of the college and district, and  become a well-rounded student, while helping others. Each Board member represents 1,000 students  enrolled, so your representation is important. 


2024-2025 Elections will be held online April 25-26, 2024. However, in the event of vacancies, applications are accepted throughout the year.


Strengthen your personal bond with Grossmont and make a difference today. Your experience, unique  background, and interest will go far to make Grossmont College a better place.


Fill out your application today!  Applications are available online here: 


QR code link to application form


Application Board of Directors ( 2023-2024 )


ASGC Board Positions 

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President of Finance
  • Director of Board Affairs
  • Director of Student Legislation
  • Director of Campus Activities
  • Director of Publicity
  • Director of Web development
  • Board Members (10-12 positions available) 

Full descriptions of ASGC position responsibilities are available in the ASGC Bylaws (Article II.  Section A.)


To learn more about the position of the Grossmont College Student Trustee visit: Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Governing Board


Benefits Include: 

  • Get involved and be a part of a team 
  • Receive incentive package (Bylaw 1.02) 
  • Grow personally while receiving applicable resume experience  
  • Travel throughout California representing the interests of Grossmont College students  
Elections Timeline

Associated Students of Grossmont College Student Board and Grossmont College Student Trustee





Candidates must complete the online application form. Upon completion, candidates will receive an automatic submission confirmation notification. Upon candidates' qualification verification, eligible candidates will receive a detailed email including the elections timeline and election code. Ineligible candidates will be informed of ineligibility.


April 2, 2pm or April 4, 9am - MANDATORY CANDIDATES MEETING

The candidates meeting will serve as an explanation of the election code with a Q&A period. Candidates not attending the meeting will be ineligible to run

for office. Any exceptions must be cleared through the Advisor of ASGC. All meetings held via Zoom: 4025054971.



ASGC and Student Trustee applications are due. Candidate photos must be submitted to sara.varghese@gcccd.edu.




April 25 - April 26 - ONLINE ELECTIONS

Voting opens online Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 12:00am and runs through Friday, April 26, 2024 at 11:59pm. All registered students will receive instructions via their registered Grossmont College emails regarding how to access the ballot.



All campaign material must be removed (social media, posters, flyers, etc.)



Candidates will be informed of results and will have communication


ASGC Elections questions should be directed to sara.varghese@gcccd.edu.



Election Code of the Associated Students of Grossmont College



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  1. Candidates may run for up to three positions on the ballot for one election period. 
  2. All successful candidates will assume office not later than the day after commencement unless a  different day has been mutually agreed upon by incumbent and incoming official and advisor has been  notified.  
  3. Pursuant to GCCCD Administrative Procedure 2015, special elections shall be held as needed, upon the  vacancy of the Student Trustee position. 
  1. The Election Committee shall be composed of four students with one of the students as a non-voting  chairperson. This Committee shall be appointed by the Dean of Student Affairs or designee, with the  Dean of Student Affairs or designee as a non-voting, ex-officio member. An alternate shall be  appointed and shall serve on the Election Committee should a vacancy occur. Current or past ASGC  members are ineligible to serve on the committee. 
  2. It shall be the duty of the Election Committee to enforce the election and election publicity  regulations, to keep a current list of the violators of these regulations, and to record and impose  penalties on these violators. 
  3. All election signs, handbills, and badges shall be subject to approval by the Election Committee which  will authorize the removal of unapproved signs. Refer to Grossmont College Posting Guidelines for  posting policies. Unapproved signs will not be destroyed but shall be taken to the Student Affairs  office and held for 48 hours or two class days. The candidate or candidates whose signs are removed  shall be notified within 24 hours by the Election Committee Chairperson. The candidates shall be given  the option to either remove the sign or alter the sign to meet the approval of the Election Committee. 
  4. The Election Committee Chairperson shall maintain regularly scheduled office hours for at least one  hour per day during the hours of 8:00AM to 5:00 PM in an announced room during the campaigning  period. 
  5. All persons on the Election Committee, including the Chairperson, are subject to removal for cause,  from the Election Committee by the Dean of Student Affairs or designee. 
  6. The Election Committee member shall convene no later than two weeks prior to the first date of ballot  casting. 
  7. No Election Committee member, once approved by the Dean of Student Affairs, may be a candidate in  a general election while a member of the Committee. 
  8. If an Election Committee member becomes a candidate in any ASGC election, that person must resign  their Election Committee position. 
  9. No person or persons who are members of the Election Committee or who are officials of the election  shall publicly campaign for any candidate or candidates. 
  1. To become an eligible candidate for office, applicants must meet the minimum requirements to hold  office as stated in the ASGC Constitution and the California Education Code. 
  2. Applicants must complete and submit a candidate application to the office of Student Affairs by the time specified by the Dean of Student Affairs or designee. 
  3. The office of Student Affairs shall process all applications to verify the candidate has met the criteria to  run for office.
  4. Candidates for President shall have completed one (1) full semester at Grossmont College with a  minimum of six (6) units at Grossmont College, be seated on the Board before the third week of the  spring semester, and serve on the Board up to the time of elections to be eligible to run for office  unless such candidate for President are unavailable. 
  5. The maximum term of service to the ASGC by any board member/executive officer shall not exceed  three (3) terms (six semesters) of office on the ASGC board. Being sworn onto the Board at any time  during the semester, counts as one full semester of service. No person may serve in the same  executive position for more than 1 term (two semesters). If a person fills a vacant executive position  during a term, that service shall not count towards their one term of service for that executive  position.
  1. The Student Trustee elections will be held according to the procedures adopted by the ASGC Election  Code. Student Trustees shall be elected by a plurality vote of those voting in a regular election of the  student body at each college. All members of the student body may vote.  
  2. Any candidate for Student Trustee to the Governing Board of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community  College District, shall be officially enrolled and attending classes during the semester of the election  and during the period in office, and meet minimum academic standards, including non-probationary  status as set by the college.  
  3. At the time of nomination and throughout the term of service, the student member (CCC resolution),  shall be enrolled in and maintain a minimum of five semester units in the District, and  shall maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 based on coursework completed within the  District. 
  4. Term of Service: The Board shall include two non-voting student member(s)--one from each college in  the District. The term of office shall be one year commencing June 1 of each year.  
  5. The student members shall be seated with the Board and shall be recognized as full members of the  Board at meetings. The student members are entitled to participate in discussion of issues and receive  all materials presented to members of the Board (except for closed session materials). The student  members may cast advisory votes, although the votes shall not be included in determining the votes  required to carry any measure before the Board. 


  1. Students wishing their names to be placed on the ballot for any office must file a complete petition,  including a personal statement and any other required information, to the Student Affairs Office by the  posted deadline. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  
  2. No person shall be a candidate for office if they do not meet the qualifications at the time they file  for office. 
  3. 3. No person shall be a candidate for office or hold office if they are also a faculty member, classified  member or administrator at Grossmont College. 
  4. Applicants must complete and submit a candidate application to the office of Student Affairs by the  time specified by the Dean of Student Affairs or designee. 
  5. All candidates will be required to be present at a special candidates meeting called by the Dean of  Student Affairs or designee. The meeting will serve as an explanation of the Election Code with a  questions and answer period. Those candidates not attending the meeting will be ineligible to run for  office. Any exceptions to the above must be cleared through the Dean of Student Affairs or designee.  
  6. All deadlines regarding eligibility, photos, statements or any deadlines set forth by ASGC, Student  Affairs or the Election Committee will be strictly enforced. If any deadline is not met by the candidate,  then eligibility will be revoked. It is the responsibility of the petitioner to understand the process and  deadlines thoroughly.


  1. There will be allowed one full week of campaigning preceding each election. 
  2. The Dean of Student Affairs shall distribute to each candidate and campus media a calendar including  the dates and times of all deadlines, campaigning periods, candidates meetings, election forums,  Election Committee meeting times, and balloting places.  
  3. The Dean of Student Affairs or designee, will provide candidate information to be screened on our  campus televisions. No single candidate campaign materials will be screened on campus televisions,  only what is provided by the Dean of Student Affairs or designee.  
  4. Candidates must follow Grossmont College posting guidelines available on the college’s website. 
  5. Campaigning which creates interference with classes or endangers person on campus is illegal. The  Dean of Student Affairs or designee, shall regulate all campaigning and determine whether or not a  candidate’s actions need to be brought to the attention of the Election Committee.  
  6. Painting or chalking of sidewalks and campus structures is forbidden. 
  7. Students may campaign in classrooms only with the expressed permission of the instructors.  
  8. No candidates’ shirts or badges, etc., may be worn in the ASGC office. Campaign literature is not to be  passed out or made available within the ASGC Offices.   
  9. Tampering with authorized campaign literature is prohibited and may result in the disqualification of  parties from the election.
  1. The Dean of Student Affairs or designee will prepare ballots with candidates’ names appearing in last  name alphabetical order, and shall exclude the use of titles including “Incumbent”.  
  2. Voting shall be conducted by electronic ballot.
  1. The balloting station(s) shall be established by the Elections Committee and will be staffed only by  persons specifically selected and approved by the Elections Committee. 
  2. The Election Committee will determine the hours for the balloting station(s).  
  3. The balloting station(s) shall be an area no larger than twenty (20) square feet. 
  4. On the days of the election no campaigning shall be allowed within twenty-five (25) feet of the  designated balloting station(s). 
  1. Tabulation of votes shall take place within 48 hours after the closing of the balloting station(s) on the  last day of elections. 
  2. The election ballots shall be tallied by a computer form of tabulation. The casting of ballots by those  not officially enrolled as Grossmont College students is prohibited.  
  3. Official notice of the tabulations shall be certified by the signatures of the Dean of Student Affairs and  the Election Committee Chairperson. Official notification shall be posted in the Student Affairs office,  the ASGC office and the Student Center by 10:00 AM on the first day of classes following the tabulation  of ballots and shall remain posted for five school days.  
  4. A person shall be elected if they receive a plurality of 2 or more bona fide votes cast for that office.  
  5. In the event of a tie election for an executive position, there shall be a runoff election, and such  election shall be held within two weeks of the official tabulations subject to the same rules and  regulations governing regular elections.
  6. In the event of a tie vote for a board position, the tie shall be  broken by a vote of the newly seated board at their first regular meeting.  
  7. Write-in candidates are required to accumulate 2 or more votes to be considered for any candidacy.  Eligibility for office will then be determined by the Student Affairs office prior to candidate’s  appointment to office.  
  1. Any complaint against a candidate must be filed with the Dean of Student Affairs prior to 12:00 noon on the day following the election. 
  2. Upon receiving any evidence of any infraction of the Election Code, allegedly committed by a candidate  or candidates, the Dean of Student Affairs shall call the accused and any complainants and witnesses  for a hearing within 24 hours (1 class days) of receiving the evidence. The accused shall be afforded  due process. If the situation can be rectified, or if the accused is found to be not guilty, the candidate  shall continue their campaign. If the candidate is found to be guilty and/or the situation cannot be  rectified, the Election Committee shall order the candidate to cease all campaigning. Continued  violations may eliminate a candidate from the election.  
  3. An election or the election of any ASGC officer may be appealed in writing to the Election Committee,  stating the reason for the appeal within 24 hours after the tabulations are first posted.  

UPDATED:  3/1/18 President S. Delacruz, Vice President: D.Powell, Vice President of Finance: A. Bianchi

UPDATED:  04/12/18 President S. Delacruz, Vice President: D.Powell, Vice President of Finance: A. Bianchi

UPDATED:  10/15/18 President A. Bianchi, Vice President: C.Espinoza, Vice President of Finance: M. Bojorquez

UPDATED:  02/14/19 President A. Bianchi, Vice President: C.Espinoza, Vice President of Finance: M. Bojorquez

UPDATED:  08/14/19 President A. Bianchi, Vice President: C.Espinoza, Vice President of Finance: M. Bojorquez

UPDATED:  08/29/19 President L.Rubio, Vice President: B.Valdez, Vice President of Finance: N.Nguyen


2024-2025 Candidates 

Kameron Jones


Student Trustee

Kameron Jones

Nicole Morgan

Cesar Nuñez 

Executive Vice President / ICC President

Lu Tri Vi Huynh

Kameron Jones

Vice President of Finance

Julio Hernandez

Lu Tri Vi Huynh

Director of Campus Activities

Kameron Jones

Nicole Morgan 


Director of Student Legislation Cesar Nuñez
Director of Publicity

No Candidate

Director of Board Affairs  Julio Hernandez
Director of Website Development 

Lu Tri Vi Huynh

Nicole Morgan 

Board Member

Julio Hernandez

Consuelo Trujillo








For Questions please email: Grossmont.Studentaffairs@gcccd.edu