Under Pressure: Printmaking Today

 Under Pressure Poster

March 28 - April 28, 2016

Tuesday, April 5
Reception | 5:30-7:30PM | Hyde Art Gallery

Curated by Jennifer Anne Bennett


Despite a history dating back thousands of years, printmaking still maintains its relevance as an art form today. There is a seductive physicality in the process with the variety of papers, inks, and numerous techniques. Combine this with the element of surprise that the use of the press presents, and there is fertile ground for experimentation.  


The artists in this exhibition are not only printmakers; they bring a vast variety of expertise from other fields:  photography, painting, ceramics, sculpture, bookmaking, installation, and performance.  While they respect the history of printmaking and the long-held traditions of the medium, they also poke at the edges of the medium as they each seek to expand existing boundaries with a unique and compelling approach to their work. The pieces in this exhibition explore a wide array of topics: beauty and the sublime, narrative, history, identity and culture, memory, intuition, and place. The works are minimal, structural, atmospheric, flat, playful, layered, and certainly varied.


Under Pressure: Printmaking Today gives an expanded portrayal of what printmaking can be, with the variety of techniques, processes, themes, and influences. 


Participating artists:

Ayad Almissouri,
 Jenny Armer, 
Diana Marie Behl,
 Mara De Luca,
 Paula Des Jardins,
 Steve Gibson,
 Peter Halasz,
 John Brinton Hogan,
 John Oliver Lewis, 
Jim Machacek,
 Jessica McCambly,
 Kathleen McCord, Ingram Ober, Marisol Rendon, Sasha K. Reibstein, 
Elijah Rubottom,
 Augusto Sandroni,
 and Jones von Jonestein.


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