Spring 2020 Remote Student Showcase Poster


We hope all of our gallery patrons and the entire Grossmont College community remain safe and stay healthy during this difficult time.


Due to changes that Grossmont College has implemented as a result of COVID-19, the Hyde Art Gallery cannot proceed with our scheduled Spring 2020 Student Art Exhibition in Grossmont's new Performing and Visual Arts Center. As a result, the gallery must find other means of showcasing our incredibly talented art students.


In lieu of a physical student exhibition, the Hyde Art Gallery will showcase student artworks produced this semester on our social media throughout the month of May. The Visual Arts and Humanities Department will also continue our tradition of distributing award-of-merit and memorial award prizes to exceptional students across all disciplines.


"Claudia" by Daniela Valle


"Claudia" by Daniela Valle

Charcoal on paper, 18 x 24” 
ART-125 Drawing II, instructor Augusto Sandroni 

“The picture was taken on March 27, 2020, the name of the nurse is Claudia Accardo, she works in the ICU transport service for the Casalpalocco Clinic. What inspired me to make a portrait of her for this assignment its because she is one of the first health workers to get in contact with the patients and start treatment, sometimes immediately in order to get them as safe and stable as they can to the clinic. I admire her for doing her job being protected only by scrubs, gloves and masks, and because in the picture you can see the tiredness in her face, but she is taking a break and will still go back to work."