Sara Parent Ramos

Greater Than


March 8 – April 4, 2018
Reception: Thursday March 8, 4-6PM

Artist Workshop: Thursday March 8, 10AM-2PM

 Sara Parent Ramos Poster

“When looking at a strand of hair with our naked eye, one sees a smooth, whole filament. However, through a microscope, the same filament is segmented, an assembly of different parts and subtler structures.”
Sara Parent-Ramos’ brightly colored and complex sculptural works are an investigation of the classic Aristotelian adage, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The Artist's upcoming exhibition at Hyde Art Gallery will explore how larger structures arise through the interaction of smaller and simpler parts. Derived from the visual imagery of our internal organs and their microbiomes, these scaffolded manifestations of biological processes on display represent the invisible structures supporting the human body, psychology, and society.
During the artist workshop on March 8, students will need to consider the seemingly chaotic functionality of these astounding diverse systems and create sculpture and two-dimensional pieces that speak to their understanding of an individual’s relationship with these structures. The fragments that students produce will then be added to the larger collaborative installation in the gallery.


Greater Than will run from March 8 until April 4 at Grossmont College’s Hyde Art Gallery. Sara Parent-Ramos will be in the Hyde Art Gallery on March 8th to lead an artist workshop from 10AM-2PM. The gallery will also host an opening reception for this exhibition later that day 4-6PM. Refreshments will be served. All Hyde Art Gallery exhibitions and events are free and open to the public.


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