Len Davis

A Network of Familiarity


January 29 – February 23, 2018


Artist Lecture: Tuesday, February 20, 2 - 3PM, room 26-220
Closing Reception: Tuesday, February 20, 4 - 6PM, Hyde Art Gallery
Artist Studio Workshop: Wednesday, February 21, 10 - 12PM, room 24-274


Exhibition sponsored by Grossmont’s World Arts and Cultures Committee

 Len Davis Poster

Hyde Art Gallery is excited to begin our spring 2018 semester with collage artist Len Davis, a Philadelphia native currently residing and working in LA. Using a particular formulation of mixed media including both finely detailed drawings and collaged elements, Davis’ work explores the fundamentals of human psychology by employing imagery from his daily life. His methodology includes using illustrative portraiture of those around him, references to his transient observations, and even material remnants that he finds during his daily commute. Consequently, Davis seeks to establish a metaphorical mirror that viewers can look into to find images and objects that resonate with their own personal experiences. The artist wants his viewers to reflect on the fact that we all coexist within a network of familiarity, having a shared aptitude to transcend our daily impulses and conflicts.

Since first arriving in Los Angeles, Len Davis employed an unconventional approach to promote and exhibit his artwork by reaching out to various artistic directors of television programs. This afforded him the unique opportunity to have his artwork displayed on several TV series. His work has been featured in such shows as Big Bang Theory, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Parks & Recreation, and Six Feet Under. Davis was also a featured artist for The GAP (RED) campaign. Len Davis has found continuing success exhibiting and lecturing at collegiate galleries around the country. 

A Network of Familiarity will run from January 29 until February 23 in conjunction with Grossmont College’s Black History Month programming. Len Davis will give an artist lecture on Tuesday, February 20 from 2-3PM in Room 26-220 which will be followed by a closing reception from 4-6PM in the Hyde Art Gallery. Refreshments will be served. On Wednesday, February 21, the artist will also be conducting a studio workshop in room 24-274, demonstrating his methods of collage. Space is limited for the artist workshop. If you are interested, please RSVP to alex.decosta@gcccd.edu.


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