Grant Checklists

Whether you're completing a WACC grant application, or have already been approved for one, it's difficult to keep track of everything you need to do to succeed.  On this page, you'll find resources and checklists to keep you on the right path to success. Right-click links to download PDFs.
Checklist A: WACC Grant Applications
Useful information to help successfully complete your application and obtain approval for your grant request.
Checklist B: Event Preparation Checklist
A checklist of necessary procedures for grantees when hosting a WACC sponsored event or activity.
Actual and Necessary Business Expenses: Guidelines
AC1-A5 explanations about services, and activities for which you can or cannot use grant monies.
Actual and Necessary Business Expenses: Examples
Illustrations of goods, services, and activities of business expenses outlined in "AC1-A5 Guidelines."
Institutional SLOs
WACC grant applications must demonstrate that sponsored activities and events will connect to SLOs and ISLOs.  More about SLOs can be found on Grossmont College's Student Learning Outcomes website.
GCCCD Forms Depot
Can't find what you're looking for on WACC's website? Check the Forms Depot next.  The Forms Depot offers a variety of official District and campus forms (accessible to faculty, staff and administrators only).


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