Student Success and Equity Committee

Meeting Frequency: First Thursday of each month
Meeting Time: 2 - 3:30 p.m.
Meeting Location: Zoom Connection





Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/3/2020  Agenda Minutes Academic & Career Pathways 1 pager draft, Website of ACP draft screenshot
11/5/2020  Agenda Minutes  Excused Withdrawals, Fall 2020 Racial Climate Survey
10/1/2020 Agenda Minutes  Vision for Success Goals
9/3/2020  Agenda Minutes  Brave Space Poem, Equity Framework Presentation
8/6/2020       No meeting - summer break
7/2/2020       No meeting - summer break
6/4/2020      No meeting - summer break
5/7/2020   Agenda Minutes 

 Equity Framework presentation

Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Applications

4/9/2020   Agenda Minutes 

 Zoom Participatory Governance Guide

3/5/2020   Agenda Minutes 

Equity Belief statement feedback

SSEC purpose and responsibilities

 2/6/2020  Agenda Minutes 

Committee norms

Operational vs. governance committees

Assessing risk, automating racism article

Brave Space poem

 1/23/2020 Agenda Minutes 

 ASCCC Guided Pathways Student Centeredness

Guided Pathways self-assessment October 2019




Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/5/2019 Agenda Minutes

Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways self-assessment April 2019 update

What we know about Guided Pathways

11/7/2019 Agenda Minutes

Poster Activity Overview

Posters and responses

Guided Pathways sorting activity

10/03/2019 Agenda Minutes 2019-10-03_constituiency_belief_statements_1_pager.pdf
09/05/2019 Agenda Minutes sudent_equity_plan_nova_20190815.pdf
08/15/2019 Agenda Minutes belief-equity-statement.pdf
07/04/2019     No Meeting - Summer Break
06/06/2019 Agenda Minutes Metrics-Definitions-PPG-DI2017-18.pdf
beliefs and equity definition.pdf
SEP Integrated Plan Goals Chart.pdf
05/02/2019 Agenda Minutes student-success-integrated-planning-framework-final.pdf
beliefs and equity definition.pdf
04/04/2019 Agenda Minutes Student-Equity-Plan-Presentation-2.pdf
03/07/2019 Agenda Minutes 2017-Student-Equity-Fact-Sheet.pdf