Peer Online Course Review (POCR)

POCR was established in 2014 by the CVC-OEI Professional Development Workgroup to ensure that students in the California Community College system have access to high-quality online courses designed to support student learning and success.


During POCR, reviewers use the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric as the standard for a high-quality online course. The rubric has four sections -- Content Presentation, Interaction, Assessment, and Accessibility -- with a total of 44 elements between them. Once the peer-review process confirms a course aligns with the rubric, that course will be badged as a high-quality online course.


Grossmont College's local POCR program is designed to:

  • Improve online student success rates.
  • Provide an engaging professional development experience for new and experienced faculty.
  • Lead to more engaging and inclusive online experiences for students and teachers.
  • Create a community of practice in which teachers share their challenges, develop new approaches, and support one another.
  • Lead to "Quality Reviewed" courses that have fully implemented the OEI-Course Design Rubric.


  • Jeanette Calo, POCR Lead
  • Dawn Heuft, Instructional Designer
  • Felicia Kalker, POCR Trainer
  • Beth Kelley, POCR Trainer


In addition to our POCR team, the following have completed POCR training and are certified to review Grossmont's courses:

  • Javier Ayala
  • Lara Braff
  • Elisabeth Burke
  • Wendy Cruzado
  • Dave Dillon
  • Nadine Elia
  • Angela Feres
  • Carl Fielden
  • Noha Ireiqat
  • Sarah Martin
  • Adelle Roe
  • June Yang

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