STEP ONE is to discuss your proposal with your department chair. If modifying curriculum, there might be a need to modify more than those things you have in mind. Textbooks might need updating, catalog descriptions might need rewriting, etc ...


If you are uncertain if the types of modifications or the amount of modification qualifies as minor (see below) or
extensive {extensive changes MIGHT require deletion (option 5) of the old course and addition (option 2) of a new course}, then contact Dee Aceves (644-7983) or Marsha Raybourn (644-7153).


Once you have spoken to your department chair, and you are certain about the level of changes your proposal requires (minor or extensive), then you can choose the option below that best describes what you want/need to do.


  1. I want to MODIFY one or more of the following for a course:(these are minor modifications)
checkboxes of options for minor modifications 
  1. I want to ADD a new course (or the modifications I am making require a course addition)
  2. I want to MODIFY a degree/certificate/area of emphasis
  3. I want to ADD a degree/certificate/area of emphasis
  4. I want to DELETE a course or a degree/certificate/area of emphasis