Welcome to the Grossmont College Curriculum Committee website, a resource for all faculty, staff, and administrators. On this site you will find information on all committee actions, committee by-laws, membership, the latest edition of forms required for any curriculum submissions, and the background information needed to complete those forms. 




The Curriculum Committee ensures a curriculum that reflects the mission of Grossmont College and is academically sound, comprehensive, and responsive to the evolving needs of the community and operates in accordance with the Governing Board policies and Title 5 standards. 


We have our own local Curriculum Committee Handbook, based in part on the Program and Course Approval Handbook distributed by the Chancellor's Office to assist California Community Colleges to develop courses and programs and the submission of these proposals for approval.


All current course outlines can be found on the Grossmont College Intranet (tell us if you see any mistakes). Course outlines need to be updated every 6 years.  


The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide, a paper from the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, is a useful guide.


Course Outline of Record information:

Meeting schedule
    Tuesdays, 2PM-4PM


    Administrative Co-chair: Dr. Marshall Fullbright III
    Faculty Co-Chair: Dee Aceves
    Interim Instructional Operations Supervisor: Krista Ames-Cook
    Allied Health and Nursing: Liz Barrow
    CTE/Workforce Development: Sharon Sampson, Karen Hern
    Arts, Languages, and Communication: Marion De Koning, Jeanette Calo
    Counseling, Student Development & Matriculation: Caylor Cuevas
    English, Social/Behavioral Sciences: Alan Traylor, Raymundo Quezada
Learning Resources: Felicia Kalker
MNSESW: Sebastien Cormier, Angela DiDomenico
    Accessibility Resource Services: Carl Fielden
Member at  Large: Jason Stevens
Administrators: Martha Clavelle, Javier Ayala
Articulation Officer: Dee Aceves
Evaluator: Tenille Venard
    ASGC Representative: Cadence Dobias


Agendas and Meeting Summaries - Spring 2021

Agendas and Meeting Summaries - Fall 2020

Agendas and Meeting Summaries - Spring 2020

Agendas and Meeting Summaries - Fall 2019

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  • 10/22 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 10/29 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 11/4 Agenda, Meeting Summary
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Agendas and Meeting Summaries - Spring 2019

  • 2/12 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 2/19 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 2/26 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 3/5 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 3/12 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 3/19 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 4/2 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 4/9 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 4/16 Agenda, Meeting Summary
  • 4/23 Agenda, Meeting Summary


    Email M. Denise Aceves (mariadenise.aceves@gcccd.edu) or Krista Ames-Cook (krista.ames-cook@gcccd.edu).