BIG CHANGE: The deadline for all DE and ERT proposals for courses to be offered in the Fall is now September 15. PLEASE, do what you can now. But, you do have some more breathing room on those DE proposals!


FAQ about ERT courses

Done correctly, this type of course meets Title 5 requirements for distance education. However, this can ONLY be used for a face-to-face course during an emergency where the campus itself is shut down and face-to-face courses are not possible. For face-to-face courses, only those courses approved for ERT can move online in an emergency.


Faculty should keep in mind that students may not have access to computers and high-bandwidth internet during an emergency. Consider recording and posting online lecture meetings for students to watch if they have technical or other issues that prevent them from attending a lecture. Make students aware of the best way to contact you. Check communication often to keep on top of student issues as they happen.


Click here for the list of courses that were approved for DE by December of 2019. If a course already has DE approval, it does not require ERT approval. Discuss those course offerings that don't have DE approval with your department. Decide on whether they should get DE approval or ERT approval. If they need DE approval, follow the instructions here. (DE forms for Fall courses due by September 15.)


This bears saying once more: If a course already has DE approval, it does not require ERT approval.


If a course needs ERT approval, then complete the form below. Please be deliberate in checking the boxes. Have robust discussions about the answers to those questions. You may put more than one course on a form IF those courses can be treated in the same way in ERT format.


Please note the form requires the chair's signature and the dean's signature. Also, please do put the names of the faculty who who worked on the form. Once you've completed the form and gotten the required signatures, turn the form to


Emergency Remote Teaching proposal form (Word version, clickable boxes)

Emergency Remote Teaching proposal form (fillable PDF version)


Example of a filled out proposal


Training: If you want to teach a course that either is planned to be online or must move to remote teaching due to an emergency, you MUST be certified to teach in that mode.


Information about training options

Registation form for facilitated training or self-paced