Information about Transfer Students

We can access a variety of aggregated data and some data at the major level about where our students transfer to from the public CSU and UC system dashboards. 


The Cal State System

The Cal State system provides info on how many students enroll as transfers from each community college by major and by campus at the link below. They additionally provide follow up on these students one year later for enrollment and GPA. 


Enrollment Dashboard


On the Fall Term Student Enrollment page click on the "Student Origin" tab. Click on the large orange/yellow box at the top of the page to select "New Undergraduate Transfers from California Community Colleges" and find Grossmont College in the dropdown menu for "Institution of Origin".  Then you can select different discipline areas (middle bottom) that best match to your expected majors.  Graphs to the right show how many total transfers (including showing which have AA/AS or ADT versus no degree) and to which of the UC schools they go.  If you select a "Fall Term" year at least a year ago, the upper right panel will populate with statistics on student persistence into the second year and GPA. 


The University of California System

The UC system provides data on how many students enroll as transfers from each community college, by major and my campus at the link below.


Info Center Transfers by Major


Click on the "By Community College" tab and find Grossmont in the dropdown menu for Community College.  Scroll down to see the number of enrolled transfers to each UC by major for the last five academic years.