Topic:  Plan & Register for classes | Self-service | GCCCD
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2022 - Spring Registration



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In-Person - Temporarily Unavailable



Students must be vaccinated and wear face coverings



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Students must be vaccinated and wear face coverings






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Topic:  Griffins Virtual Help Desk | Grossmont
Length:  1:31




 Add Authorization - Self-Service


Topic:  How to Register using Add Authorization
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Admissions & Records

A&R - Website


Email: grossmont.admissions@gcccd.edu

Phone: 619-644-7186


Technology Support

Technology Help Desk - Students


Email: g-helpdesk@gcccd.edu

Phone: 619-644-7742





Tutoring Center

Math Study Center
English Writing Center



(Nights and weekends)
Access code:  032-445-9091


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Cutting Costs


ZTC - Zero Textbook Costs

Free or Zero Cost Textbooks & Educational Materials


Financial Aid

Scholarships, Grants, Work Study, Employment, or Loan


Food Pantry

Gizmos Kitchen

Grab and go student food pantry; provides pre-packaged items suitable for an on-campus lunch or meal




Learn about returning to campus & vaccination requirements