Administrative Departments


Office of the President  
Dr. Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh President
Bernadette Black Executive Assistant III
Dr. Joan Ahrens Interim Sr. Dean, College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Lida Rafia Dean, Student Success and Equity
Lorena Ruggero Director, College and Community Relations
Academic Affairs  
Dr. Marshall Fulbright Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs
Krista Ames-Cook Administrative Assistant IV
Nancy Saks Sr. Dean, Allied Health & Nursing
Joel Castellaw Interim Dean, Arts, Languages & Communication
Dr. Javier Ayala Dean, CTE/Workforce Development
Agustín Albarrán Dean, English and Social/Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Eric Klein Dean, Learning & Technology Resources
Dr. Cary Willard Interim Dean, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Exercise Science and Wellness
Student Services  
Dr. Marsha V. Gable Vice President, Student Services
Graylin Clavell Administrative Assistant IV
Martha Clavelle Dean, Counseling Services
Aaron Starck Dean, Admissions & Records and Financial Aid
Beverly Warren Interim Associate Dean, Extended Opportunity Program and Services
Nedra Brown Associate Dean, Athletics
Sara Varghese Dean, Student Affairs
Courtney Williams Associate Dean, Student Services
Michael Copenhaver Director, Financial Aid
Heriberto Vasquez Director, Student Activities
Administrative Services  
Bill McGreevy Interim Vice President, Administrative Services
Patty Sparks Administrative Assistant IV
Loren Holmquist Director, Campus Facilities and Operations