Meet Your Faculty


  • Jennifer Bennett

Jennifer BennettProfessor of Art
B.A. San Diego State University – San Diego
M.F.A. Bowling Green State University – Bowling Green, OH







  • John Dillemuth

BA, Hunter College, New York
MFA, State University of New York at Buffalo


  • Lisa Hutton

Lisa Hutton

Lisa Hutton attended UCSD and received her B.A. in 1996 and M.F.A in 1999.  Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and utilizes a variety of media.


Her current work, teaching, and research interests are informed by the legacies of institutional critique, conceptual art, painting and drawing in the expanded field, new media and handmade hybrids, the contemporary heroic landscape, social and cultural effects of technology, and the screen as locus for self-presentation and the consumption of resources. 



  • Chris Lahti

Chris LahtiChris earned a BA from Whittier College in 2001 and his MFA in Printmaking from theUniversity of Iowa in 2004. In 2005 Chris entered the field of fine art printmaking and limited edition publishing at a Los Angeles based print publisher. Recognizing a desireto return to his hometown of San Diego, Chris established the East County Printshop in 2015. The printshop focuses on collaborative printing with artists based in San Diego and the greater Southern California region.




Instagram: @chris_lahti, @eastcountyprintshop



  • William Mosley

B.A. University of California – San Diego
M.F.A. University of California – San Diego
Mr. Mosley has a personal website for his artwork.

  • Iana Quesnell

Iana Quesnell was born in Tampa, Florida. She graduated with a BFA from the
University of Tampa in 1991 and a masters from UCSD in 2008. Between
degrees, Iana worked as a weather graphics designer at a TV station in Tampa,
Florida, as a Satellite Communications Operator Maintainer in the US Army, and
as a barn manager on a fox hunting ranch in Reno, Nevada. Since 2005, Iana
has shown extensively in Museums around San Diego, at the Cecut in Tijuana
as well as in exhibitions in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Davis, CA.


  • Augusto Sandroni

Augusto SandroniMFA - Claremont Graduate University, Claremont CA
Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude - Painting-Printmaking, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA


Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts, San Diego City College
 Augusto Sandroni is a contemporary artist living and working in San Diego, CA. Augusto is primarily an abstract painter working in all mediums from oils to acrylics, fabric paint and aerosol. He also makes 3D objects and creates site-based installations comprising paintings, mix-media, everyday materials such as cardboard, duct tape & reclaimed wood.


In July 2014 he had his first solo show in Los Angeles at Maloney Fine Arts. He currently teaches digital media in the San Diego Community College district and Drawing in the Grossmont College Visual Arts department.

  • Derek Weiler
  • Daphne Hill
  • Neil Kendricks

  • Claudia Cano Underdahl

  • Leila Khalilzadeh Aghdami

  • Maysaa Toma