Political Economy

Grossmont College houses Political Science and Economics programs in the Department of Political Economy. Political Science and Economics share a common concern about human action and its consequences. Both disciplines use statistical methods, formal modeling, rational choice theory, insights into human psychology, the study of institutions, comparative frameworks, historical methods, and philosophical and ethical reflection to understand how power impacts the use of scarce resources. The degrees are excellent preparation for those seeking employment in the public or private sectors and will facilitate the development of important analytical, emotional, and communication skill sets.


Careers in Economics and Political Science

Having a general knowledge of politics and economics can be very useful in whatever career you eventually choose. Also, a bachelors degree or higher can be a requirement for many lucrative job opportunities. Below is listed several professional organizations where you can learn more about opportunities for further education and the careers associated with that further education. Feel free to stop by the department and talk about your future plans with any member of department. We are happy to help since we have a broad range of experiences in education, business, and the government.


National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration


American Economic Association


American Political Science Association


International Studies Association


American Bar Association – ABA Approved Law Schools




Women in Public Service


If you are interested in the some aggregate statistics on salary outcome for different bachelor degree programs, the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce has compiled information on this topic. The income outcomes for political science and economics majors are among some of the strongest earning outcomes for social science majors.


Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce


Finally, it is important to remember that technical skills and knowledge are only a piece of the puzzle leading to employment. This article from Forbes magazine is a useful reference point to think about how you can best position yourself in the job market.


Emotional Intelligence and Career Success


Classic Readings in Political Science

Political Theory and Philosophy


Comparative Politics


International Politics


Political Economy


Political Psychology


American Politics