Ethnic Studies

Ethnic, Gender, & Social Justice (EGSJ)


Ethnic, Gender, & Social Justice is the study of human behavior and culture. We are an interdisciplinary* program that explores the intersections of race, class, ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, sexuality, and dis/ability in order to better understand and transform the world we live in.


* Combines two or more academic disciplines, connecting their respective theories, methods, and pedagogies.



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Why Study Ethnic Studies?


Why Study Ethnic Studies?


Ethnic Studies courses complement your degree and professional options by doing the following:


check mark icon Increase your skill set and career possibilities

check mark icon Challenging you to develop your thoughts about how you identity yourself, and others in order to avoid cultural stereotyping

check mark icon Enhance your understanding of diversity, equity, and justice, which provides a competitive advantage in future employment and academic endeavors

check mark icon Equips you for success in our increasingly globalized world

check mark icon Teaches you to value and appreciate diversity

check mark icon

Makes you more aware of global exchange


check mark icon Prepares you for working with a wide variety of people





















Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities


Translating/Interpreting, Foreign Correspondent


Clinical, career, or academic


Teaching:  K-12; postsecondary

Foreign Service, Military Careers, Politics


International Business
Import/Export Trade, Banking, Publishing, Law

Language Instruction
Foreign Language Teacher, Bilingual Education