World Regional Geography 106

World Regional Geography 106



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  • Write out the answers to our review questions to prepare
  • Use the online map quizzes here or here to prepare for our map quizzes

Syllabus: Click here to find your own personal syllabus

/people/scott-therkalsen/images/RegionalGEO/Syllabus/Syllabus_GEO106_T_700_FL2013 (1).docx

Map Resources: search this link to find copies of the maps and map names handed out in class as well as electronic resources for located map features and websites that allow you to quiz yourself online!


Lecture Topics: Click here to review the most current lectures as well as find out loads more information about everything we discuss in class.

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Practice Questions: keep up to date with answers to the questions about information you are expected to know for the exams


Practice Questions

Class Handouts: Print out regional handouts, the themes handouts, the research paper, the timeline, etc.

Class Handouts