Frequently Asked Questions


Everyone should read the ALL SECTIONS questions.


Students in the online sections should then read the ONLINE SECTIONS questions.

Students in the face-to-face sections should then read the FACE TO FACE questions.



Is online easier than face-to-face?


The quick answer to this question is: No. If you’re trying to decide whether to take this online course or my similar face-to-face class at Grossmont College, you should consider the following.


The online course will have MORE work. In terms of the raw amount of material covered, the online course has ALL the reading and ALL of the assignments of the face-to-face class, PLUS a lot of writing (Discussion Boards, etc.), PLUS more quizzes. The total number of exam questions is the same. Finally, most of the face-to-face class’s extra credit opportunities are REQUIRED assignments online.


On the other hand, you might spend less total time in the online class, because you won’t have to drive to campus, park, wait for the instructor to get to the classroom, etc. Online you may be able to get more done in less time. And since you will cover more material, you might learn more in the online class than you would face-to-face. 


If you’re the type of person who does everything, even if it’s not required, then the online and face-to-face experiences will be about the same in terms of what you can learn. If you’re the type who does only the minimum necessary to get the grade you want, then you’ll probably do more work, and learn more, online.


Do you teach this class anywhere else?

Yes and no. I used to teach it at two other local community colleges, but due to budget cutbacks, I only teach it at Grossmont currently.


However, I do teach a more rigorous version of this class at San Diego State University -- Psychology 355 -- in the summer (2012 through 2017, at least).


The same textbook will be used. Much of the course content will be very similar. But the exams in SDSU Psy 355 will be more difficult, and students will be required to do a project that is fairly demanding. (Also, the summer-semester course progresses at a very fast and quite intense pace.) There will be more guest speakers (hooray!), but no decrease in the amount of material covered (booo!). This means that you will be expected to watch some of my lectures online, in addition to class time, instead of having the luxury of hearing them during class time. (Translation: Psychology 355 will have more work to do outside of class.)


Psychology 134 does transfer for General Education credit to SDSU (and CSU in general). However, the SDSU Human Sexuality course, Psychology 355, is an upper-division class. Psychology 134 at Grossmont is a lower-division class that does not articulate with 355, and thus cannot be used as one of the courses you use for a Psychology major at SDSU.


Finally, note that if you are going to major or minor in LGBT studies (a new option at SDSU), Psychology 355 does count for credit toward that major or minor. Psychology 134 at Grossmont does not.



 Where is the orientation session?

There is no orientation session. The online sections are 100% online. Everything is done at your computer.

How do I get an add code?

Write me an e-mail 1 or 2 days before classes begin (Saturday or Sunday). If the semester has already begun, write me an e-mail right away.

When is the last day I can ask for an add code?

There is no way you will receive an add code more than two weeks into the semester (i.e., after the Friday of the second week of classes). No way. Nada. Impossible. Don’t ask. For the summer session, there is no way you can get one after Thursday of the first week of class.

Write me as soon as you can, but not later than that.

How do I e-mail you?

Do NOT use my regular Grossmont e-mail address; that gets too much spam. Instead, use this address: 

Notice that this e-mail is different from the one for the face-to-face class.

What should I do before the first day?

Go to my main Grossmont page here:


Then click on the “Online info” link.




How do I get an add code?

Go to the first meeting of the class.

How many add codes do you give out?

Usually enough to fill every official seat in the classroom. No more.

I missed the first day of class. Can I get an add code if I go to the second week?

Unlikely, but you might give it a try. If an add code is handed out the first week but is not used by the second week, it may be given to other students.

I am officially enrolled, but I know I have to miss the first day of class. Will I be dropped?

Probably; there are too many other students who want to be in the class. You might not be dropped if you e-mail me BEFORE the first meeting and explain your absence. 

How do I e-mail you?

Do NOT use my regular Grossmont e-mail address; that gets too much spam. Instead, use the special e-mail address above.