Natural History of San Diego


Important: In case you are wondering if we proceed with the scheduled field trips in the event of rain, the answer is YES!




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3D Animation of San Diego's Geologic History: I started this project a few years back using 3D Studio Max. My strategy was to start with the present San Diego landscape and work backward in time to show the geologic history of the county first in reverse and then again going forward in time. I did the last 50 thousand years or so but my goal was to do about 300 million. I fell just a tad short of my goal. Anyway, here's the movie: The Last 50,000 Years There's no narration but the movie shows:

  • Progradation of the San Diego River Delta to join the former island of Point Loma with Loma Portal
  • Erosion of the La Jolla headland and formation of Mission Beach sand spit/baymouth bar
  • Sea cliff formation at Black's Beach
  • Rise and fall of sea level due the the last glacial age and corresponding progradation of the San Diego River delta

Here's a nice introduction to the Geology of Southern California.pdf


Here's the San Diego Museum of Natural History's take on the Geologic History of San Diego:


Here's an OK "video" showing a geologic history for San Diego. The graphics are a bit muddled, but the story, although simpler, is fairly consistent with that presented in this class. The same site has lots of other videos on the Natural History of San Diego. Worth a look: