Geology 110



PetraForge (When you complete your rock collection, print out the certificate of completion. If the certificate does not print, then take a screen shot (Print Screen) and paste it into an application like Word that you can print from or just copy down all the information on the certificate and turn that in to me. (Note: Must use FIREFOX for Shockwave versions!)

PF Igneous Shockwave                     PF Igneous Windows.exe
PF Sedimentary Shockwave
         PF Sedimentary Windows.exe      

PF Metamorphic Shockwave       PF Metamorphic Windows.exe


Geologic History Exercise - (You must complete all 3 parts of all 3 exercises. Write down your answers on a sheet of paper as you go and turn that in for credit.)

GeoHist1 Shockwave     GeoHist1 Windows.exe     GeoHist1
GeoHist2 Shockwave     GeoHist2 Windows.exe     GeoHist2
GeoHist3 Shockwave     GeoHist3 Windows.exe     GeoHist3


Shockwave versions run in a browser and will only work in Firefox. Windows.exe versions may display error messages. Try ignoring them and the program may work nonetheless. The success of the's may depend on which particular OS you are running. If you can't get any of these versions to run on your computer, then try using a computer in the Tech Mall or Science Learning center. As a last resort here are .jpg's of the 3 problems: GeolHist 1.jpg, GeolHist2.jpg, GeolHist3.jpg. They will not have any interactivity of course, but at least you can work out the problems with paper and pencil.


PetraScape - Download PetraScape v.1.00 here. Save it to your desktop. Once saved, double click on the icon to run the software. Be forewarned that last semester I had two reports of the beta version of PetraScape crashing student computers! Both of these happened on computers with less than 512MB RAM and 64MB of video RAM. Relatively high-end systems did not reported any problems. I highly recommend using the computers in in Grossmont's Tech Mall or Science Learning Center because I know that PetraScape runs OK on them. If you use your own  computer, make sure you have at least 512MB RAM and a 3D accelerated video card running at least Direct X 7  with 64MB or more dedicated video RAM. Good luck.


Technical Advice: Most of these applications are offered in multiple versions. Shockwave versions run in a browser and should run on both Windows and Mac computers. Performance is somewhat dependent on which browser you use. I recommended that you download and install Shockwave before you try the app and use FIREFOX!  If the application does not fit completely within the frame of your browser then try F11 to free-up more space within your browser or increase your screen resolution. If neither of those options do the trick, then change the zoom level on your browser and/or decrease the size of text and icons in your display properties. Windows.exe versions may offer the best performance on Windows machines, but executable files will prompt security alerts that you will have to dismiss (I promise these are virus/malware free!). If the app does not fit on your screen, then increase your screen resolution and/or adjust your display properties to minimize text size or use the Shockwave version. versions may run on Macs, but success often depends on which Mac OS you are running. I'm sorry Mac people, but I develop on a PC. If none of these options work for you, then you will have to run these apps on one of the computers in the Tech Mall or Science Learning Center where all have been tested and run successfully.

Self-Guided Field Trip:

Tourmaline Field Trip.pdf


3D Silicate Structures:

Link to the 3D QuickTime animations shown in class


Plate Maps to use for the Plate Map Exercise:

Good Plate Map
Great (big) Plate Map


See what happens in our field classes (GEOL 150, 164 etc.)\

These pictures are from the field trip to Catalina Island 9/14-16/07:



Build Your Own Volcano with Erupt3 Download this free software and watch a volcano grow according to your own specifications.


Mount St. Helens is Erupting! Well, sort of..... actually it is building a new volcanic dome, which is about as tame as eruptions get, but you can watch it happen in near real time (5 minute updates) on the 




Volcano World
Pictures and information on every volcano in the world.


Lynn Fichter's Mineral and Rock Pages at JMU
This gets my vote for best geology website.


Earthguide's Geologic Map of the San Diego Area
A simplified small scale geologic map of Southern California.


Preliminary Geologic Map of the El Cajon 30' x 60' Quadrangle, Southern California
This is an awesome map. Check out the pdf version.


California Geological Survey Preliminary Geologic Maps - Southern Region
Detailed online geological maps of Southern California. Check out the one of San Diego.