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Peer Mentoring

Schedule your mentoring appointment on WC Online.  If you are new to WC Online, you must first create an account.  Make sure to choose the "Via Rápida Students Only" schedule from the log in drop down menu.




Counseling appointment: Click HERE to Schedule!

You can schedule an appointment with an FYE Counselor through  e-SARS. Counselors may assist with educational planning, help figure out what classes to take, sign consortium agreements, and more. We have 30 minute and 60 minute appointments available as well as both virtual and in-person appointments. If you have issues getting an appointment, please email us at: grossmont.FYE@gcccd.edu so we may assist you.



Upcoming Events 

Visit our Events page for upcoming FYE events!



Email: grossmont.FYE@gcccd.edu
Phone: 619-644-7244

Office: Building 10, Office 171 (10-171)