ECS-UMOJA Student Testimonials


In Their Own Words


"Jason is an outstanding coordinator who goes above and beyond to make sure students are doing not only well in the classroom but also making sure they’re taken care of physically mentally and emotionally. Jason is there whenever you need some guidance or if you just need a laugh. He plans all the Umoja events perfectly and there’s always some joke we’re all talking about by the end of it. Jason isn’t the type of counselor you’ll forget when you transfer, he’s the type you’ll call when you’re at University and feel lost and need some encouragement. Jason is an amazing person and the reason why we all love Umoja so much, the people you meet and the experience you gain because of this program will stick with you throughout your life. We’re all one big family and you know family always helps Family!"


-Mimi Tadele
Umoja Student 
Politicial science Major
Transfering to Howard




"My name is Abenazer Albe I am an Aerospace Engineer major and I'm going to be Transferring to SDSU fall 2018. I'm also a NASA Ames Research Center (Silicon Valley). My first year at Grossmont wasn't easy, I had to  find myself and dropped  classes I because I thought they weren't fitting to where I was going toward to . Eventually i got  to know people through the city, campus and this UMOJA program in general to help me grow as an individual and find my calling. The way I got my NASA internship at Silicon Valley I prepared for years  with this UMOJA program by meeting different people everyday also having a good reputation around to boost my market.A great resume as well with both academics and sports even though going hard past with some high school issues. But now I got my head out of the clouds and focused on a right path to where i belong.  In the future one of my dreams is  wanting to build a future Fortune 500 company right here in San Diego.


- Abenazer Albe 
erospace Engineer major
Transferring to San Diego State University Fall 2018


"Umoja is pretty cool! I have met a lot of cool people. I get the help and resources I need for my classes. Being a part of Umoja, I have been able to go on campus tours and I have had the opportunity to broaden my horizons. Because I am a homebody, the outside events and activities have given me opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. Offering a program just for African Americans shows that Grossmont College cares for its students. It makes me proud to be African American!"


-Ellarese Harvey
Psychology Major
Working towards transferring to San Diego State University




"What has Umoja done for me? I think a better question is what hasn't Umoja done for me. When I first started at Grossmont, I was going through the motions. Taking classes on a whim because I thought I needed them. However, when I joined Umoja, they gave me a direction and a vision. I was like a boat without a rudder; I was moving, but I was not moving with direction. Umoja gave me the direction I needed. I received thorough counseling, and the counselors took a genuine interest in my education. They invested in me emotionally. I was able to talk to counselors on a much deeper level than any general counseling appointment. Also, I have been able to go on many University trips and network with successful lawyers, doctors, and other professionals within my field of study. I strongly recommend anybody and everybody to join. You cannot go wrong with Umoja!"


-Nathan Klein
Sociology Major
Transferring to San Diego State University Fall 2013


"Because I was a teen mom, I was constantly told that I should hold off on school and become a nurse. All the while I knew I wanted to be a teacher. Umoja has given me the opportunity to realize my life goals. It has also helped me to meet many awesome people (how about that student ambassador of ours)! Seriously though, being in Umoja has allowed me to see many awesome plays, take many awesome schools tours, and laugh with really great people who value education as much as I do. Umoja helps me to be grounded and open-minded. Plus, it’s amazing to be around individuals my age instead of a 6 year old man-child all the time!"


-A. Latrice Johnson
English Major
Working to transfer to San Diego State University

"Before joining Umoja, I had trouble staying focused on my education path to my ultimate career goals. Since joining, I’ve had amazing experiences and have learned a lot of information critical to my success. I’ve also met other students who share my passion for bettering ourselves and securing a successful future. I’ve been exposed to great resources including Sacramento as well as attending the HUBU conference for Black and Latino men which was incredibly empowering and left me completely motivated to stay on track and put more of myself into my studies. To those of you who haven’t participated in this amazing program, I would definitely say GET on the BALL!! It’s essential to our success and you definitely won’t regret it. I look forward to seeing all of my peers in the events to come."


-Winnlan “Tim” Dale
Forensics/Biology Major
Working to transfer

"The UMOJA program has giving me a chance to explore the world outside campuses and enabled me to be strong. It has giving me great friends that inspire me and give me support when in need. It has giving me knowledge on how I can utilize the resources the campuses offers, which has made my college journey effortless. College life doesn’t have to be hard; it’s supposed to be fun and educating. If anyone is having a hard time, I highly recommend you join the UMOJA program and see for yourself how easy and enjoyable your journey becomes."


-Yeabsra “Nebsu” Habtegebriel
Mechanical Engineering Major
Working to transfer