Puente Curriculum

Puente textbooks

Puente students at Grossmont College take two consecutive English courses, ENGL 120 (plus ENGL 020 if required per placement results) and ENGL 124.  Each course focuses on Latinx/Chican@ and multicultural authors and themes.


Puentistas are strongly encouraged to take CCS 126 (Chicano/a Art) in the fall and HIST 115, 180 or 181 in the spring.  Courses are taught from an intersectional perspective.  We are dedicated to encouraging students to become social justice minded by cultivating cultural awareness and empowerment.


Students identify career and education plans alongside their counselor both in and out of the classroom.  Students will complete the MBTI assessment to better know themselves by understanding their strengths, gifts and abilities.  All Puente students work side by side with their Puente Counselor to create a comprehensive education plan by the end of their first semester.  


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