The following information may help you in locating housing, but we cannot make housing arrangements for you. Locating accommodations is your responsibility.


  • Grossmont College does not provide housing. The majority of students at our school live in apartments, either alone or with roommates. Rental rates can vary widely, depending on the type and location of the apartment. Shared apartments range from $400 to $600 per person per month, not including utilities or meals.

  • Grossmont College International Student Counseling maintains a "Housing Email List" for international students seeking apartments and/or roommates. Students who either have available rooms or are seeking a room or roommate e-mail an advertisement which includes their name, telephone number, e-mail address, preferred move-in date, preferred price range and any other relevant information (such as whether you prefer to be located near a bus line). To receive or place advertisements, send an email to grossmontintlcns@gcccd.edu. Ads are sent out only once. Students must resend their ad to this email address for each week they wish to advertise. If you would like to receive these housing ads prior to orientation, please request to be added onto the "Housing Email List."

  • Grossmont College does not have a homestay program, but many students may choose to obtain a homestay through agencies like the ones listed below. Homestays through each of these agencies cost approximately $650-765 per month and include a private room and two or three meals per day. Other agency charges may include a $250 placement fee, a $100 refundable deposit, and a $50 - $75 airport pick-up fee (optional).

Homestay Services International
P. O. Box 402
Spring Valley, CA 91976 USA
TEL: (619) 461-4764
FAX: (619) 670-3397
E-mail: homestaysvc@hotmail.com
Web site: www.homestayservices.com
Home Placement Services, Inc.
P. O. Box 181002
Coronado, CA 92178-1002 USA
TEL: (619) 423-1449
FAX: (619) 423-1480
E-mail: hpservices@san.rr.com
Web site: www.homeplacement.com
OvECS Ltd.
625 N. Gilbert Rd., Suite 202
Gilbert, AZ 85234 USA
TEL: (480) 633-8191
FAX: (480) 633-8193
E-mail: homestay@ovecs.com
Web site: http://www.azhomestay.com
  • Some local homeowners contact International Student Programs directly to advertise a room for rent in their home. In some cases, meals may be included in the monthly charge. (Prices vary from $500 - $600 without meals or $550 - $775 with 2-3 meals per day included). Information on these housing options is kept in the International Student Counseling Center and may also be e-mailed to students who request to be added onto the "Housing Email List" on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. To view this information, please contact at grossmontintlcns@gcccd.edu.

  • Ask your friends if they know about an available living situation. Your classmates can be great resources.

  • To get an idea of available apartments, students can do a web search. You can do a search simply by typing "apartments" in your internet search engine, or you can visit one of the following web sites. To find an apartment in the immediate area of Grossmont College, type "El Cajon" or "La Mesa" under city name.

  • Check out our list of apartments located near Grossmont College.

A few web sites to visit for rental lists:

(Free bi-weekly and monthly printed editions of Apartment Guide and Apartments For Rent are available in magazine racks at local supermarkets and shopping centers.)



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