Looking to earn some quick college credits, update your skillset to help with career opportunity, or simply wanting to gain some knowledge?


The second eight-week classes of fall 2020 at Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges are set to be held mostly remotely Oct. 12- Dec. 7, 2020 (some course begin Sept. 21) and at only $46 a unit for California residents, are a bargain. Most classes carry three units of credit, with financial aid available to those who qualify. Online registration is available. 


At Grossmont College, several social and behavioral studies classes that could fulfill General Education requirements are available, such as Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 120), Introductory Psychology (PSY 120) and Introductory Sociology (SOC 120). Politics and Political Analysis (POSC 120), History/Cultures of California Indians (CCS 133), Sex and Genders Across Cultures (SOC 140) and Nutrition for Fitness and Sports (NTR 158) are other short-term classes offered.


At Cuyamaca College, courses that could fulfill General Education requirements include options in health, political science, history, math, economics, and music.


Innovative courses in career education include the Ford-sponsored ASSET automotive technology program. Recognized as one of the best training programs in the world, the Ford Automotive Student Service Education Training (ASSET) program prepares students to support all the systems of all Ford vehicles. Additionally, the Gig Economy: The New Entrepreneurial Path (BUS 113) provides students foundational training on freelancing and entrepreneurial opportunities.


Several Business Office Technology are available, including Building Keyboarding Skills II and III (BOT 103B and C), Comprehensive Word III (BOT 122) as well as other business courses in Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Many courses are also available for students interested in Paralegal Studies.


Cuyamaca College’s Center for Water Studies has many courses available in the short-term format, including Water Conservation (CWS 105); Water Treatment Plant Operations (CWS 112); Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse (CWS 115); and Water Distribution Systems (CWS 130). With thousands of pending retirements in the California water industry, a widespread demand for high-skilled and educated water and wastewater professionals is expected.


Check out the list of second 8-week classes at Cuyamaca College and find short-term classes listed among Grossmont College’s open classes for fall.


For more information on applying and enrolling, as well as financial aid, go to https://www.gcccd.edu/now/.


For Grossmont College application and registration assistance, visit Grossmont.edu/helpdesk. For Cuyamaca College application and registration assistance, email: Cuyamaca.Admissions@gcccd.edu