OPT student

The Office Professional Training program at Grossmont College is recruiting students for a free one-semester program that can lead to a rewarding career as an office professional. 


Applicants must be California residents and desire to be placed in a job. The program offers specializations for working in Accounting, Insurance, Office/Administrative Support and a medical office.


Students who complete the program will earn 12 to 24 community college credit units that can be applied toward a degree or certificate. Student support services include counseling, job placement assistance and internship opportunities for graduates.


The 17-week program begins January 12, 2021 with a two-week pretraining module. All students take the following courses: keyboarding, office procedures, job search, business English/communications, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Successful completers will learn the B.O.T. Certificate of Proficiency called Office Professional. Other certificates may be earned as well, depending on specialization and electives. 


Interested students should contact Candy McLaughlin at candy.mclaughlin@gcccd.edu or by calling (619) 644-7548. Information is also available on the Office Professional Training  page.