Facilities Committee

This committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Planning and Budget Council regarding the Facilities Master Plan, facilities maintenance and renovation, general facility use, grounds, custodial issues, campus access and traffic patters, state scheduled maintenance projects, and ADA compliance. This committee is also responsible for reviewing and prioritizing all departmental/divisional requests for modifications and alterations to existing office and classroom space.



The Facilities Committee identifies, prioritizes and advocates for the facilities needs and services. It makes recommendations to the College Council for the strategic direction and implementation of facilities priorities. These recommendations address facilities policies and procedures, prioritization of facilities requests from annual unit plans, facility requirements for existing programs, and projected facility needs of the college for the future. The committee will ensure that its recommendations are consistent with the objectives and recommendations established in the Facilities Plan, Strategic Plan, Educational Master Plan, and other supporting plans and reports (five-year capital outlay plan, use of space, scheduled maintenance, state and federal reports, etc.).



  • Develop/update the College Facilities Master Plan in accordance with long-term educational master planning projections; monitor the progress toward the implementation of the plan.
  • Build institutional annual and long-term goals to develop and implement initiatives in accordance with the recommendation of the Facilities Master Plan, the 5-year capital outlay plan, use of space, scheduled maintenance and other state and federal reports.
  • Act as a recommending body to the College Council for the construction, remodeling, and/or reassignment of existing and new facilities, including bond-funded construction.
  • Study existing facilities and recommend alterations and improvements in response to the annual unit plans and emergent needs.
  • Promote energy efficiency and conservation, sustainable construction and grounds management, and best practices for physical plant management.
  • Ensure that all college spaces, and the campus as a whole, are intentionally designed to welcome and engage our diverse student, employee, and broader community populations.
  • Ensure that college facilities are physically and electronically accessible to all.
  • Continually compile evidence related to accreditation Standard III.B, as well as other relevant accreditation requirements, and monitor the College’s ongoing compliance with these requirements.
  • Make recommendations to the College Council.