Current Class Offerings for Spring 2021


Class description and times are available on WEBADVISOR


THTR 101-Introduction to Narrative Theory (Rickel, Heil)

THTR 102-Costume Practicum (Von Borstle)

THTR 110-Introduction to Theatre (Everett, Reams)

THTR 115-Voice and Movement for the Stage (Hafso-Koppman)

THTR 130-Acting 1 (DeBoard, Thomas)

THTR 131-Acting 2 (Mama)

THTR 136-Theatre Makeup (Brault)

THTR 144-20th Century Fashion and Costume (Von Borstle)

THTR 157-Fundamentals of Stage Lighting & Sound (Everett)

THTR 205-The American Musical on Stage and Screen (Banville)

THTR 207-Techniques of Directing (Thomas)

THTR 235 A/B-Fundamentals of Musical Theatre Performance Scene & Song (Banville)


Shows (require registration after casting):

The Mad Ones (Carr), Inside the Actor’s Process: Hope (Cole), and Red Bike (Banville)




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Class description and times are available on WEBADVISOR


Recommended Theatre Arts Classes for Spring 2021 
  • THTR 101    Intro to Narrative Theory ​(Story Telling)
  • THTR 130   Acting I
  • THTR 235   Fund Musical Theatre Scene & Song I & II  ​(Musical Theatre Performance Class)
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