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Below are Helpful Links for current and incoming students. If you cannot find answers to your questions in the links provided, please contact the Nursing Office at (619) 644-7301 for additional help. You may also email us directly at the following email address:



Helpful Links for Current Students 

Associated Students of Grossmont College


Clinical Hour Breakdown

CNSA - California Nursing Students' Association

CINAHL Database Tutorial

Counseling Center

Financial Aid 
(See below for loan information)

Health Services

Learning Assistance Center and Tutoring

Learning Resource Center 
Mentorship Program Guidelines

Nursing eBooks in the Library

Nursing Student Scholarships

San Diego Nursing & Allied Health Service - Education Consortium Website





The Nursing Program does not accept a declination of the flu vaccine for any reason due to requirements enacted by local clinical facilities. Students are required to be vaccinated yearly. 

 For vaccination needs, contact Grossmont College Student Health Services:


(619) 644-7192



Nursing Student Loans

After you graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment, you will have a certain period of time before you begin repayment. This grace period will be:


Six months for a Federal (FFELP) or Direct Stafford Loan.

Nine months for Federal Perkins Loans.

Each student is required to sign a written agreement to pay back any student loan. This is your written promise that you will uphold the contract. By signing, you are taking on serious legal and financial responsibilities. If the borrower doesn't pay back the loan according to the terms of the contract, the lender can take legal action.



Nursing Student Success Advisors

Assisting current Nursing students towards successful completion of the Associates Degree in Science in Nursing Program


Judy Medina, MSN, RN
Student Success AdvisorJudy.Medina@gcccd.edu 





Judy Medina

Amy McVeigh
Student Success AdvisorAmy.McVeigh@gcccd.edu


Amy McVeigh