Entrances & Exits - Spring 2019


E N T R A N C E S  &  E X I T S  2 0 1 9

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Grossmont College Dance Department
Faculty choreographed dance concert

"Entrances & Exits 2019"


Thursday - Friday - Saturday

April 25-26-27, 2019

all shows at 7:30pm

Joan B. Kroc Theatre
6611 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 

This concert is open to the public and will feature original choreography by Grossmont College dance faculty:
Melissa Adao, Nancy Boskin-Mullen, Lesa Green,
Kathy Meyer, Sylvia Morales, David Mullen,
Colleen Shipkowski, Gina Bolles Sorensen,
Kyle Sorensen and Debi Toth-Ward.
This year's show will feature a variety of dance
genres including modern, hip-hop,
ballet, jazz, tap and flamenco.

Tickets available here!!

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Tickets are available for purchase online through the "Buy Tickets Now" link above or at the door each night of the performances with credit card for $16 each.


A discounted presale cash ticket price of $12 cash is available now through 4pm on Wed, April 24 in the Grossmont College Dance Department Office in Building 24/Room 272. 


Cash ticket price after April 24 is $14.


For more information please call 619-644-7766.