Mark Pressnall

Co-Coordinator / Associate Instructor


Contact Info:

Phone: 619-644-7867
Fax: 619-6444-7079
Office: 70-220
Office Hours: Available Daily, Call for Appointment






BOT 107  Office Procedures

Course Notes:

BUSINESS OFFICE TECHNOLOGY 107 † Office Systems and Procedures 2 units, 2 hours lecture Recommended Preparation:

ENGL 105 or equivalent reading level. Content includes office ethics and professionalism; prioritizing and productivity; human relations; working in teams; customer service skills; telephone skills; scheduling appointments; using e-mail; handling office mail; and using the Internet for common office functions such as travel reservations and ordering supplies. Transfers to CSU


BOT 115  Essential Microsoft Excel

Course Notes:

S OFFICE TECHNOLOGY 115 † Essential Excel 1 unit, .5 hour lecture, 1.5 hours laboratory Recommended Preparation: BOT/CSIS 096, 097 and 100 or equivalent, and ENGL 105 or equivalent reading level. This course is for the student who wants to become proficient in the most commonly used features of Microsoft Excel. Basic spreadsheet concepts and terms will be introduced. Students will learn how to create, format, and revise spreadsheets and charts. They will also learn how to create basic formulas and templates. The use of simple macros will be introduced. Students who desire more in-depth coverage of these and additional topics should consider enrolling in Computer Science Information Systems 175 or Business Office Technology/Computer Science Information Systems 123, 124 and 125. Not open to students with credit in Business Office Technology/Computer Science Information Systems 124 or 125. Transfers to CSU


About Me

I'm an experienced online and lab instructor, specializing in educational, business, and office technology. I have designed, taught, and maintained online courses ranging in complexity from basic keyboarding to advanced business applications.

My educational accomplishments:

M.S. - Educational Media and Computers Technology (Arizona State)
B.A. - 
Education, Social Sciences (San Diego State)
A.A. - 
Humanities, (San Diego City)

My objective is to educate a diverse range of students by bringing the classroom to students in face-to-face, lab, Hybrid and online formats. I look forward to helping you achieve your scholastic/career goals and strongly believe that being available when you need me is essential to your success. So please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and I will respond within 24 hours, if not sooner. I welcome and look forward to seeing you in my courses.



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