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Karl J Sherlock
Associate Professor, English
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Nouns, Pronouns, and Other Noun-like Parts of Speech

Nouns and pronouns are classified as two of the eight basic parts of speech in English grammar.  Pronouns are commonly characterized as surrogates for nouns, but other words, phrases, and even whole clauses can act like a noun or be substitutes for nouns, just like pronouns.  This section will cover the following related issues: 

Noun Diagramming
Common Nouns
Proper Nouns
Collective Nouns
Noun Phrases
Noun Clauses
Showcased Nouns
Noun Errors 


Pronoun Diagramming
Personal Pronouns
Indefinite and Reciprocal Pronouns
Interrogative and Relative Pronouns
Demonstrative Pronouns and Others
Pronoun Errors


Noun infinitives and infinitive phrases
Gerunds and gerund phrases

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