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Modifiers: Adverbs

Adverbs are categorized as one of the eight main parts of speech and, as the name implies, modify verbs and verbals, by commentating on the action, describing how it is, where it's going, why it's happening, or when it's occurring.


An adverb brings that same attitude of reconnaissance to adjectives and other adverbs, by commenting on degree and intensity. For that reason, it's good to think of adverbs as the paparazzi of the eight parts of speech: "spying and reporting" on verbs, adjectives and other adverbs.


Because adverbs serve so many functions, they are one of the most common modifiers in the English language. Adverbs can be classified in one of several ways listed in the menu at right, and each of those ways poses its own set of grammatical hazards that, with a little practice, you'll be clever enough to avoid.


The adverbs and related topics discussed in this section include the following:






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